How to Find and Kill the 10 High Dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Want to find and kill all 10 High Dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition? Read more to find out how!

Are you playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and just can’t seem to find all the dragons? Or do you keep getting killed because you can’t figure out how to beat them? In either case, this Tips Guide will help you do both to receive the Dragon’s Bane Achievement.

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I’ll be going through the 10 High Dragons in level order. Feel free to skip around to where you need to go.

  1. Fereldan Frostback – Fire Dragon with 105,000 HP, Weak to Cold
  2. Northern Hunter – Electricity Dragon with 118,000 HP, Weak to Spirit
  3. Abyssal High Dragon – Fire Dragon with 135,000 HP, Weak to Cold
  4. Gamordan Stormrider – Electricity Dragon with 150,000 HP, Weak to Spirit
  5. Greater Mistral – Cold Dragon with 188,000 HP, Weak to Fire
  6. Vinsomer – Electricity Dragon with 226,000 HP, Weak to Spirit
  7. Sandy Howler – Fire Dragon with 246,000 HP, Weak to Cold
  8. Hivernal – Cold Dragon with 226,000 HP, Weak to Fire
  9. The Kaltenzahn – Cold Dragon with 267,000 HP, Weak to Fire
  10. The Highland Ravager – Fire Dragon with 311,000 HP, Weak to Cold

The Hinterlands

Fereldan Frostback (Level 12)

This dragon is located north of the Dusklight Camp. When you discover the blood cliffs, you’ll discover the Fereldan Frostback.

This dragon is a fire dragon, despite the Frostback name. Use ice runes and spells against it for maximum damage. It has around 105,000 HP.

The Frostback shoots fireballs when in the air, so find cover at the beginning of the fight. When threatened (when it loses a portion of its health), it will flee to nearby cliffs and summon small dragon babies. I’d recommend having your distance fighters focus on the Frostback and your melee fighters focus on the dragonlings. Don’t ignore the dragonlings in order to damage the Frostback, because the babies can pack a punch!

The baby-summoning will happen a few times before the Frostback will fly back onto the flat ground. At this point, charge! It’ll be unable to shoot fireballs if it’s focusing on you on the ground. After the kill, be sure to check northeast and northwest on the map for loot.



Northern Hunter (Level 13)

If you’re in Crestwood following the main quest, then you’ve probably run across the “Still Waters” quest. Following the quest, you’ll drain the lake, which is actually a vital step to being able to fight the Northern Hunter. Once you drain the lake, the dragon becomes accessible to fight.

The Northern Hunter is a lightning dragon, so spirit attacks will hurt more. It has about 118,000 HP.

Despite being a level higher than the Frostback, this dragon is actually easier to kill. Its main attack comes from its head; it shoots lightning out of its mouth. Avoid this by fighting a ranged battle, or by hiding under its belly and slashing its legs.

This dragon does have an AoE that slows down your characters, but doesn’t do any damage, so don’t worry about that too much. A great tactic to use while fighting this dragon is to take out its legs so it stumbles and drops.


Western Approach

Abyssal High Dragon (Level 14)

The Abyssal High Dragon is the most complicated to access, as you need to complete multiple quests for Fredrick before it becomes available. Essentially, you need to complete the quest chain beginning with “Draconology”, which includes “How To Lure A Dragon”, “Hunting Patterns”, “Sharper White Claws” and “A Manuscript Of Some Authority”. Once you complete these, you’ll get the quest “The Abyssal High Dragon”.

The Abyssal High Dragon is another fire dragon, so again ice spells and runes are the best to use. It has only 135,000 HP.

Like the Frostback, the Abyssal High Dragon launches fireballs. However, this dragon is more melee-focused, so be careful with your tanks. Allow extra regen potions for your tanks, and have 3 players in your party use ranged attacks. This dragon can also use a shield on itself, so be prepared for a longer fight.


Exalted Plains

Gamordan Stormrider (Level 15)

 In the Exalted Plains, you’ll want to go to the most northwest part of the Crows Fen. Before facing the dragon, you’ll need to complete the “Clear the Rubble” operation on the War Table. Once that’s done, the Gamordan Stormrider is yours to kill.

This dragon is a lightning dragon, so spirit attacks will cause the most damage. It has about 150,000 HP.

 Unfortunately, you need to kill this dragon while navigating around poisonous bogs and water puddles that the dragon can electrify for more damage. Stay on dry ground during this battle.

The Gamordan Stormrider doesn’t move around that much, which is helpful in this difficult terrain. At half health, it will fly up and launch balls of electricity, so avoid those as best you can; they cause lasting damage. Bring a lot of regen potions and equip them accordingly.


Emerald Graves

Greater Mistral (Level 17)

Unlike the previous dragons, there’s no need to do any sidequests in order to access the Greater Mistral. Just go to the most northern part of the Emerald Graves map to find the Greater Mistral.

This dragon uses cold and frost, so use fire to invoke the most damage. It has about 188,000 HP.

The Greater Mistral casts a deadly vortex from its wings, can freeze your party solid, and shoots waves of ice. Your best bet is to focus on melee attacks underneath its body, as anyone farther out will get targeted and attacked immediately. 

Additionally, this dragon has a shield. Once the shield has been cast, a secondary “health bar” will appear. You need to destroy the shield before the dragon will take any damage.

This dragon is tough. I’d recommend your party members being at least level 17, and decked out with frost-resistant gear. Use regen potions liberally, and enchant your weapons with fire damage. If you have the Rift skill, use that as well.


Storm Coast

Vinsomer (Level 19)

When you complete the “Red Templars on the Storm Coast” operation on the War Table, the location Daerwin’s Mouth will become unlocked. From there, take the rowboat to “Dragon Island”.

This lightning dragon is extremely dangerous for your ranged fighters, so use spirit weapons. Its health is around 226,000.

It has an attack that slows the speed of your party. While this may not seem deadly, the Vinsomer then uses its wings to draw your entire party in towards it. This attack combo is especially deadly for your ranged fighters, as they don’t have the speed to leave the immediate melee area before incurring a lot of damage. 

If your ranged fighters somehow escape the Vinsomer’s clutches, then they’ll have to dodge lightning balls that deal damage over time. These lightning strikes seem to be particularly focused on your ranged fighters, so be careful.

This fight can be very time-consuming, so be prepared to commit a lot of time for this dragon. Stock potions and use spirit attacks as best you can.


Hissing Wastes

Sandy Howler (Level 20)

The Sandy Howler is a fire dragon located in the Hissing Wastes, with 246,000 HP. Start at the Cove Camp and head east. You may encounter wyverns along the way until you find a path in the mountainside that leads straight to the dragon.

You’ll find this dragon sleeping, which is a great way to start with some strong, time-consuming attacks. I’d definitely recommend using your most powerful attacks up front, especially ones that your mages use. The Sandy Howler has a wind vortex that blocks a lot of ranged attacks, so your mages will be acting as support- breaking the dragon’s shield and supporting your fighters. 

This dragon also uses a local wind vortex that damages your melee fighters, as well as the normal intense melee attacks. You’ll want to use frost weapons and fire-resistant armor, and stock up on potions.

Halfway through the battle, the dragon will stun your team and summon dragonlings. Like before, you’ll want to get rid of the small dragons and then focus on the Sandy Howler.

Once you kill the dragon, definitely enter the Tomb of Tamriel to find some great loot. (Hopefully you’ll have all the key fragments assembled).


Emprise du Lion

Hivernal (Level 19)

Unlock the “Restore Judicael’s Crossing” operation on your War Table. Once you complete the operation by repairing the bridge, you’ll find the next three dragons. Killing this dragon is part of the sidequest “Breeding Grounds.”

The Hivernal is a powerful cold dragon, so ready your fire weapons, fire staffs, and ice-resistant armor. It has 226,000 HP, so you can do this!

This dragon uses ice breath, which it follows up immediately with a melee attack. This combination is fairly dangerous, so keep on the look-out.

Additionally, the dragon is a dangerous ranged foe. It alternates ice blasts and a steady stream of ice that needs to be avoided. It also uses a wind shield that deflects ranged attacks, so you need time your ranged assault carefully. There’s also a guard bar, which can be broken by shield attacks and Knight Enchanters.


Emprise du Lion

The Kaltenzahn (Level 21)

North of the Hivernal is the Kaltenzahn. Like the Hivernal, it is necessary to kill for the sidequest “Breeding Grounds.”

This dragon is similar to the Hivernal, but more difficult. I’d recommend having a high-level party at least at level 21 to beat this dragon, with the same fire weapons and ice-resistant armor. It has 267,000 HP, so it’s going to be a longer fight.

The Kaltenzahn’s ice powers are more involved than the Hivernal’s, as its ice blasts coat the ground that slow down and damage your party. It shoots ice balls and has a shield guard that you need to break down before you can damage it.

Additionally, the Kaltenzahn has a vortex power. It will push your ranged fighters into a storm for major damage. Melee fighters can stand in a safe zone and not get hurt. I’d recommend concentrating on the melee battle, with one mage to do healing. Just be sure to keep your mage away from the vortex!

At half health, this dragon will release a roar that stuns you. At this moment, dragonlings will come out and attack. As always, concentrate on the dragonlings before going back to the Kaltenzahn. The dragonlings will be summoned multiple times, so keep health potions handy.


Emprise du Lion

The Highland Ravager (Level 23)

The final dragon of the game and the last dragon in the “Breeding Grounds” sidequest is the Highland Ravager. Located north of the previous two dragons in a pit, the Highland Ravager is actually a fire dragon, unlike the other two cold dragons in the same questline. It also has the most health of all the dragons, with 311,000 HP.

Make sure to equip armor, weapons, and potions accordingly. The Highland Ravager is located in a pit; you can navigate around a path through a cave, or you can jump down on your mount (to not lose a massive amount of health).

The dragon starts off asleep, so try to get the most massive attacks as you can upfront. For this whole battle, ranged fighters are the best bet as the Highland Ravager has devastating physical attacks. Additionally, the Highland Ravager has a wind vortex that only damages those close to it, so ranged fighters would be safe.

That being said, this dragon moves constantly. You’ll need to move your party around to make sure you’re out of range of its melee attacks. If a circle of fire appears underneath you, move! These circles will burst into large flame attacks that cause massive amounts of damage. Again, rapid movement with ranged fighters seems to work the best.

At half health, the Highland Ravager summons dragonlings. Kill them as fast as you can, as the small area means you can get swarmed quickly. Keep grinding through the dragonlings and return to the Highland Ravager; rinse and repeat, and this dragon will fall.


I hope that these tips helped you find and kill all the dragons in Dragon Age: InquisitionDid you get the Dragon’s Bane Achievement?

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