Wondering how to beat your friend's Wingsuit Wonder score? We show you how to use tethering to fly indefinitely.

How to fly forever with the wingsuit in Just Cause 3

Wondering how to beat your friend's Wingsuit Wonder score? We show you how to use tethering to fly indefinitely.
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One way in which Just Cause 3 excels is its sheer scope: there’s an absolutely massive gameplay area spread across a huge chain of islands broken into dozens of provinces. But how do you get around to reach your next destination or find one of the hundreds of collectibles spread across the game?

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Sure, sports cars are fun, but they aren’t super helpful in reaching another island on the other side of Medici. Stealing a helicopter is a better bet, but again can be lacking in certain situations. How do you land a helicopter on a rocky mountainside or on a tree-covered hilltop? You could land on the other end of the island and hoof it, but that sort of defeats the point.

That’s where the ingenious wingsuit comes in, letting you gently glide around Medici, before landing and blowing up everything in sight. If you start from a high enough peak, it’s actually possible to become your own perpetual motion machine, flying indefinitely without having to ever land. By carefully using the environment, you can easily rack up a massive Wingsuit Wonder score.

Preparing To Fly Forever In Just Cause 3

Before you try your hand at long-term flight you’ll need the best equipment available, so make sure to unlock all the tether and traversal mods related to the wingsuit by completing the wingsuit challenges (see our challenge tips here). The Reel-In Boost mod and Slingsuit Boost mods in particular are helpful here.

Once you’re buffed up and ready to go, it’s time to find the top of a mountain and soar above Insula Dracon, Insula Fonte, and Insula Striate to find new locations in which to wreak absolute havoc! Where to start? The Montana province of Insula Striate has a some great peaks, but honestly anywhere will work if you just pay attention to your surroundings.

Spin around and find the highest peak nearby within your field of vision and start the trek up to the top. Leaping from a helicopter can work out alright, but only if you do so in a location with plenty of other terrain features to use to your advantage: don’t attempt this in an area that’s completely flat or only has short, squat buildings.

Making the leap from a mountain top

Using The Wingsuit To Fly Forever In Just Cause 3

While pulling up gives you increased maneuverability and a better view to survey the surroundings, it also slows you down and will eventually send you into a dive as you lose speed. You need to remain angled downward to keep your speed up and continue flying.

Unfortunately, you also need to reign in your urge to increase your speed to ludicrous levels or you’ll just end up crashing into the ground or a building. There’s a careful balancing act to maintain here as you head both forward and downward at an even balance.

If you have to keep flying downward to maintain speed and floating slowly will eventually end your flight, how exactly is Rico supposed to fly indefinitely? Easy: pull out that grappling hook and put it to good use!

Tethering to an object lets you propel yourself up for more momentum

Use the reticule while wingsuiting around to find anything you can tether with – the edge of a cliff, the side of a tall building, anything at all that’s near your altitude. By tethering and then pushing off you actually change your center of gravity and give yourself more momentum. Effectively, you’ve given yourself a few more seconds of flight time as you can pull up and gain both more altitude and more speed to keep flying longer.

To keep this going for extremely long periods (and perhaps even fly across the majority of the game map without having to grab a helicopter), avoid flat areas without large rock outcroppings or tall buildings, as these are best for tethering. Keep practicing though, because with persistence you can even slingshot off passing cars or rocks on the ground and keep flying across relatively flat areas pretty much forever.

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