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How to Get a High Score in Competitive Nightfalls in Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars

Getting a high score in the Competitive Nightfall playlist is central to the Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2.

One of the flagship activities during Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2 has to be the Competitive Nightfall. After all, reaching a Platinum score rewards masterworked event gear, a fancy logo on your shoulder, and tons of Medallions. Here’s how you can get the highest possible score for loot and bragging rights in Competitive Nightfalls.

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How to Get a High Score in Destiny 2 Competitive Nightfalls

As a Nightfall Strike, the Guardian Games-specific Competitive Nightfall playlist is power-limited, meaning you should absolutely be at least 1770 Power with a good build to have an easier time. With that sorted, the most important part of getting a high score is to kill everything and wait out the boss’ health gates. When you do this, more enemies will spawn, allowing you to rack up even more score.

A Guardian on a Throne during the Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2
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If all you do is defeat every single enemy in a Competitive Nightfall, you should just about hit the Platinum score threshold, though you might come up short. There are two things you can do to boost your points:

  • Earn Vanguard Medals: You get Vanguard Medals for doing specific challenges during a Strike: multikills with a specific weapon type, grenades, or other abilities, and so on. Every medal earned is worth 500 points, or about five rank-and-file enemies. However, if you can string together dozens of medals alongside your Fireteam, you can easily add tens of thousands of points to your score. You are limited by the amount and density of the enemies you face, but if your team focuses on Medals and clearing the activity of enemies, a high score is much more achievable. You can view a full list of all the Medals you can earn in its sub-screen, found in the Triumphs section of your Journey tab.
  • Generate and Collect Orbs of Power. Sure, Orbs of Power only provide 12 points per pickup, but between Super abilities and armor mods generating them, you can easily create hundreds of Orbs per Strike. That’s thousands more points, as both other fireteam members can pick up an Orb you create for 24 points per orb generated.

Additionally, if the Strike has an area where enemies spawn infinitely (or mostly so), you can hang out there for a few minutes to farm without risking the score multiplier hitting zero and draining the points you’ve earned. Some Strikes do open in patrol zones, and there are no boundaries to where you can explore outside the Strike-specific space, meaning if you know you can zip through the activity; otherwise, by all means, take 10 minutes or so to shoot the mobs outside the main activity space.

Those are my main tips for getting the highest possible score in the Competitive Nightfall playlist available during the Guardian Games All-Stars in Destiny 2. It’s not a huge list, but take these strategies into account, and you should be racking up points in no time.

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