How to Get Black Cores in Valheim

Here's how to get Black Cores in Valheim, as well as what you use them for in total.

Here's how to get Black Cores in Valheim, as well as what you use them for in total.
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Valheim offers an expansive update with Mistlands. From weapons, armor, and even new creatures, Valheim definitively expanded its landscapes. With these new craftable items, one of the primary resources required is the Black Core. Here’s how you can easily get Black Cores in Valheim.

Where to find Black Cores in Valheim

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Obtaining Black Cores in Valheim is a chore. The reason is that you have to farm them in dangerous dungeons called Infested Mines. You can usually find Black Cores in hidden rooms in the Infested Mines dungeon. You should note that there are at least two cores per mine, with a maximum of six Black Cores per run.

What can you do with Black Cores in Valheim?

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Black Cores are an integral part of the Mistlands update. You can use Black Cores to craft these items:

  • Black Forge — Allows you to craft Mistlands-grade armor, weapon, and the durable Dvergr lantern.
    • 14x Black Marble
    • 10x Yggdrasil Wood
    • 5x Black Core
    • 5x Iron
    • 5x Copper
  • Galdr Table — This allows you to craft magic-related items such as armor, weapons, and even the Sealbreaker, which is a key item you can use to find The Queen.
    • 25x Yggdrasil Wood
    • 10x Black Metal
    • 10x Black Marble
    • 5x Black Core
    • 15x Refined Eitr
  • Eitr Refinery — Refines Sap and Soft Tissue into Refined Eitr.
    • 20x Black Marble
    • 5x Black Metal
    • 10x Yggdrasil Wood
    • 5x Black Core
    • 3x Sap

These structures are important if you want to scale alongside the difficult enemies in this update. Getting all of these structures is the key to surviving in the new Mistlands update in Valheim. In total, you need about 15 Black Cores to craft all of these structures. If we take the average of four Black Cores per run, you’ll have enough resources available in about three to four runs.

That’s all you need to know about getting Black Cores in Valheim. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Valheim guides.

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