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How to Get Blacklight Flashlight Kills in MW3

Getting 25 Blacklight Flashlight kills in Modern Warfare 3 takes a little doing. Here's how.

Challenges in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have clarity issues. While getting Blacklight Flashlight kills sounds clear enough, it isn’t. And you’re here because, like me, you don’t know what to do. Here, I’ll tell you how to get Blacklight Flashlight kills in MW3.

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Best Way to Notch 25 Blacklight Flashlight Kills in Modern Warfare 3

The Blacklight Flashlight is a piece of Gear in the third Gear slot in your loadouts. To get Blacklight Flashlight kills, you must have it equipped. It lets you see enemy footsteps on the ground for a fair distance behind them, letting you chase them without relying on sound or the minimap.

In-game gear menu of the Blacklight Flashlight in Modern Warfare 3
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The best way to get the 25 Blacklight Flashlight kills is to equip the gear and either the Combat Knife or Karambit melee weapons, or whichever close-range SMG or Shotgun you prefer. Having the Covert Sneakers Gear and Dead Silence Field Upgrade helps you sneak up on unsuspecting enemies.

While the Blacklight Flashlight challenge is part of the MW3 Supe Siege event, I don’t recommend trying it in the superpowered Supe’d Up mode. It’s far more chaotic than standard multiplayer matches. At least in 6v6, I know where and when my enemies will arrive and that they’ll be using guns as opposed to laser vision.

How to Get Blacklight Flashlight Kills in Warzone

For Warzone-only players, the challenge is different. You must get eight melee kills with the Blacklight Flashlight equipped. To maximize your chances, stick to urban areas and off of rooftops unless you are absolutely sure you can get up quickly and quietly.

You need a Loadout Drop for a knife for one-hit kills. You also need the Covert Sneakers to help you get close. Unless you’re an absolute monster at Warzone, expect the challenge to take you more than a single match, regardless of playing solo or with a squad.

Those are my tips on how to get Blacklight Flashlight kills in Modern Warfare 3. For more content on the latest Call of Duty, such as my extensive Ranked Play guide, click the l ink or check out our MW3 guides hub.

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