Finding bovine plumes for the jump shard is easy if you know which enemy offers up the random drop!

How to Get Bovine Plume in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Finding bovine plumes for the jump shard is easy if you know which enemy offers up the random drop!

Much like the classic Symphony Of The Night gameplay that was this Kickstarted game’s clear inspiration, Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night features a host of hidden items and special upgrades for accessing hard to reach areas.

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What would a platformer be without inaccessible locations that you have to return to with an upgraded jump option? Like Alucard and many other demon hunters before her, eventually Miriam will need to get her hands on some bovine plume to craft the High Jump shard.

Haven’t come across any and not sure where to farm those elusive bovine plume yet? They are surprisingly simple to come across as a random drop, but only if you know exactly where to go ahead of time.

Where To Get Bovine Plume

This particular item is found much later in the game in the Oriental Sorcery Lab area, which is accessed near the end of Bloodstained.

Bovine plume can be found as a random drop from the Haagenti (the enemy that looks like a bull demon with wings) in various areas of the Oriental Sorcery Lab.  

Note that a similar enemy is found in the Garden Of Silence much earlier in the game, but those ones don’t ever drop bovine plume. As far as we know, the bovine plume only drops from the Haagenti in the Oriental Sorcery Lab, so don’t spend too much time whomping on the ones early in the game trying to get one.

For those wondering, note that you don’t have to give up the Double Jump when you craft the High Jump shard — you still get both, and in fact you can Double Jump with the High Jump.

Having trouble finding any other items or secret loctions in Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night? Drop us a comment below and we’ll help you find the answer! 

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