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How to Get Fresh Water in Survival: Fountain of Youth

Don't get thirsty! Here's how to get some fresh water.

Satisfying hunger and thirst in Survival: Fountain of Youth is as important as starting a fire. However, getting water on the island can be much more difficult since you can’t drink just anything. You’ll need to find a way to get fresh, drinkable water that won’t make you sick. Here’s how and where to get some.

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Where to Get Drinkable Water in Survival: Fountain of Youth

You’re surrounded by water on the islands in Survival: Fountain of Youth, but with the ocean being saltwater, you can’t use it to quench your thirst. If you don’t keep your thirst up, you’ll slowly start to lose some health and develop illnesses. Thankfully, there are some other ways you can find safe water to drink.

You can get drinkable water in Survival: Fountain of Youth via:

  • Green Coconuts.
  • Rain Water Collector.
  • Fresh Water Spots.

Green Coconuts

Green Coconuts are the best source of water for you early on in the game. You can find them in abundance in Coconut Palm Trees nearby (they are usually the taller of the palm trees). You’ll see them at the top of the tree up near the palm fronds.

To harvest them from the tree, approach the tree and press E. Then, select all the Green Coconuts that are available. You’ll also usually find Ripe Coconuts that restore hunger and thirst. However, Green Coconuts will give you more water. After selecting all of them to harvest, press Spacebar to start the harvesting process. Some time will pass by as you do.

Crafting Opened Green Coconuts with coconuts in Survivial: Fountain of Youth
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Once you have your Green Coconuts, you must cut them open before you can drink from them. To do this, open your menu with Tab and head to the Crafting page. Here, under the Food category, you can turn your coconuts into Opened Green Coconuts. Then, switch back to the Inventory page and select it from your slots to eat it. Each Opened Green Coconut will restore 30 thirst.

Rain Water Collector

One way to stay stocked up on fresh water is to make a Rain Collector. This machine will collect water over time and allow you to keep collecting and drinking from it. There are two types of Rain Collectors you can make: a Coconut one and a Clay one. Here are the materials you need to make them:

Rain water collector in crafting menu in survival fountain of youth
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RecipeMaterials NeededWater Collected
Coconut Rain Water CollectorCoconut Flask x1 (Ripe Coconut + Liana Rope)
Liana Rope x1 (Liana + Narrow Leaves)
Small Sticks x4 (From Pterodon trees)
Wide Leaves x1 (From Fern plants)
Collects 10 liquid units
Clay Rain Water CollectorFired Pot x1 (From Clay in a Kiln)
Liana Rope
Big Branch (From leafy trees or made with common log on Improve Carpentry table)
Wide Leaf
Collects 40 liquid units

Fresh Water Spots

Along with Green Coconuts and Rain Water Collectors, you can also find Fresh Water spots where you can scoop up and collect water to drink. After finding Ponce de Leon’s cave on Hope Island, you’ll find a map that displays both the nearby Water Spots. The Water Spots are symbolized by the water drop icons on the map. However, figuring out how to navigate to these spots can be a bit difficult to do, so here’s how to get to both.

  • Map to water source one from ponce de leon's cave in survival fountain of youth
  • Clay fresh water source one east of ponce de leon's cave in survival fountain of youth

From Ponce de Leon’s cave base, head down the beach to the east until you find one of the Chronicles, which is a large Aztec wall. Then, turn to the left and follow the path all the way up into the mountains. You can also go further down the beach for a wider entrance to the mountain paths. You’ll see stone archways and plenty of Short-eared Dogs. The water source is within a small area on the mountain surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

  • Map to second water source, past the harbor where ponce de leon's spyglass is in survival fountain of youth
  • Second fresh water clay source north of the grotto in survival fountain of youth

The second water source is just a bit further up from the other one. To find it, start from Ponce de Leon’s cave, and head through the cave to the other side. Then, keep heading northeast toward the Harbor, where Ponce de Leon’s spyglass can be found. Mapping can help you locate the items more easily. From the Harbor, where the wooden foundation to a house is and the Spyglass, keep heading north, straight up, until you see another clay wall with fresh water inside.

When you find the water sources, you can drink directly from them or you can choose to scoop some up using a Coconut Flask. You can make a Coconut Flask in your Crafting menu with one Ripe Coconut and a Liana Rope. It can carry ten drinks of water in it until it has to be refilled.

Stay stocked up on water as much as you can so you don’t go thirsty. Setting up camp near a freshwater source is a great way to have water all the time. Or, set up some Rain Collectors. Either way, stay hydrated!

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