How to Get Holowear Tickets in Pokemon Unite

Here's how to obtain Pokemon Unite's rare Holowear Tickets for those killer skins.

Here's how to obtain Pokemon Unite's rare Holowear Tickets for those killer skins.
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Let’s face it. As entertaining as it is to play Pokemon Unite play with and against friends, the one thing we’re all hyped about is… seeing Snorlax sporting summer wear. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Garchomp rocking a snorkel or Machamp in some dope shorts?

Similar to other MOBAs, Pokemon Unite has a variety of skins for players to either buy or unlock. Purchasing them with real money is a simple enough. Using the different in-game currencies can be a bit confusing. Especially when it comes to Pokemon Unite’s Holowear Tickets.

What are Holowear Tickets?

The Holowear Tickets screen at the Zirco Trading shop in Pokemon Unite.

Holowear Tickets are one of Pokemon Unite’s in-game currencies that’s used to unlock Holowear Pokemon skins.

Once you get Holowear Tickets, head over to the Zirco Trading shop to buy some of these items. The best of the best will require Aeos Gems (purchased with real money) of course. The current selection that can be unlocked via Holowear Tickets is solid, though.

How to Get Holowear Tickets

Exchanging energy rewards for holowear tickets in Pokemon Unite.

Holowear Tickets are rare.

There are no challenges, daily or otherwise, that’ll net you any. And you can’t get them by leveling up your trainer or winning matches. As of right now, there are only two ways to get Holowear Tickets and neither is ideal.

The best way to get Holowear Tickets is to use the Energy Rewards system. There is an energy conversion machine housed in a menu on the right side of the start screen. Click the icon right above the “search lobby” button.

Once there, you’ll be able to convert energy you’ve obtained (by playing matches) into random rewards. One of those rewards is a bundle of Holowear Tickets. Unfortunately, you only get 10 tickets at a time this way.

The second way to get Holowear Tickets is to purchase and complete the Battle Pass. You’ll get a prize box offering tickets once you’ve maxed out the pass. After that, you’ll get another Prize Box every 130 points post your max level.

The holowear option tab for Machamp, showing the Beach Style skin.

Though Nintendo wants players to spend money on Pokemon skins, the way Holowear Tickets are obtained is a little annoying. It would be better if players got a few tickets here and there as they completed the Battle Pass or the Energy system provided more tickets at a time, since the cheapest skin costs 18 tickets—  and it’s unfortunately, not for Snorlax.

There’s also the issue of owning the Pokemon.

As of right now, you can’t purchase a cool skin for a Pokemon you don’t own. And since the shop rotates what is or isn’t available, it’s possible that you won’t be able to buy the skin you want after getting the required tickets. Thankfully, there are other ways to unlock Holowear skins.  

Pokemon Unite is still a fun game to play. Even with the confusing in-game currencies. Now that you know how to get Holowear Tickets, hopefully, you’ll be able to get the skins you’re after! Be sure to check back here for more Pokemon Unite guides.

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