Far Cry 5's White Collar Job Event is live, and it brings the shovel launcher. Here's how how to nab it and Jacob's Hunter Outfit.

How to Get the Insanely Silly Shovel Launcher in Far Cry 5 (Plus Jacob’s Hunter Outfit)

Far Cry 5's White Collar Job Event is live, and it brings the shovel launcher. Here's how how to nab it and Jacob's Hunter Outfit.

Far Cry 5‘s newest event brings a crazy new weapon to the wilds of Hope County: the Shovel Launcher. As if throwing shovels wasn’t enough already, now it’s possible to launch these bad boys across the map — and even take out helicopters with this low-tech weapon.

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So what’s the rub on getting it in your hands? 

Between now and May 8, you can jump into the White Collar Job event and complete the personal goal to add it to your inventory. On top of that, you can get some good XP and silver bars for your efforts.

Below, we outline everything you need to know to get the Shovel Launcher. 

What’s the Personal Goal? 

After you’ve jumped into the White Collar Job event, you’ll need to kill a set number of wolves using the bow and arrow to nab the Shovel Launcher. Both regular wolves and Jacob’s Judges count toward your personal goal. 

Here are the two objectives and their rewards: 

  • Kill 5 Wolves: 100 XP + 50 Silver Bars
  • Kill 10 Wolves: 100 XP + Shovel Launcher

The rewards will be in any store after you complete the above objectives. 

Note: If you complete the goals and can’t find your rewards, you may be running into a known bug. Try quitting the game, quitting the Ubisoft app, and restarting. 

Some users on Reddit have said that they needed to kill 10 more wolves to unlock the reward. The exact reason for the glitch is currently not known. 

Wolf Hunting Locations

So where can you find wolves in Far Cry 5? The best place to start your efforts is in the Whitetail Mountains (Jacob’s Region). Here, go to the woods north of the Elk Jaw Lodge or the woods west of Baron Lumber Mill. 

You can also find wolves deep to the south, in the Henbane River area (John’s Region). These will be just south of the Kellette Cattle Co. and north of the Fire in the Hole Prepper Stash. 

You can also kill Jacob’s Judges for this goal. These are mostly found in Cult Outposts in the Whitetail Mountains and are somewhat random. 

How to Kill Wolves Faster

If you’re hunting regular Grey Wolves, it’s not all that hard to take them down with a few arrows to the chest or head. But if you’re hunting Judges or want to take other rabid doggos out faster, then we suggest using explosive arrows. Sure, it’s overkill, but it’ll get the job done. 

You can also try and whittle down their health bars using ARs or any other weapon type — but you might accidentally kill one before switching over to the bow and arrow. 

Where to Find the Bow 

If you’re going after the Shovel Launcher, you probably already have or know where to get the bow. However, if you’ve somehow missed it or new to the game, there are several places to nab one. 

The easiest place to get a bow is at the very beginning of Far Cry 5 in Dutch’s Area. Look for the Silver Lake Boathouse on Dutch’s Island. You’ll need to start the Sunken Funds Prepper Stash quest (which you can read about here). Inside the stash is where you’ll find the first bow of the game. 

You can also find a bow after recruiting Jess Black as a companion. You’ll find her at the Baron Lumber Mill. After completing her mission, “A Dish Best Served Cold,” you’ll find dozens of bows scattered around Baron Mill. 

How to Get Jacob’s Hunter Outfit 

The White Collar Job event also has a community goal available until May 8. If you complete it, you’ll get your new digs. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Kill 250,000 Animals: 100XP + 50 Silver Bars
  • Kill 500,000 Animals: 100XP + Jacob’s Hunter Outfit

Check out this nifty map from Ubisoft to find all of the hunting locations in the game. 

That’s all you need to know to get your hands on the Shovel Launcher and Jacob’s Hunting Outfit in Far Cry 5’s White Collar Job event. Be sure to check out our other Far Cry 5 guides while you’re here. 

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