Meet 4 easy qualifications and poof! No more nukes.

How to get the new MGSV Nuclear Disarm Mission

Meet 4 easy qualifications and poof! No more nukes.

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, players must use nuclear weapons to deter other players from invading their stronghold and stealing their loot. The longer your stronghold lasts, the more points you rake in, while the opposing players that don’t make it out alive go out in a flame of nuclear glory.

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Konami has confirmed the new “Secret Nuclear Disarmament” mission, making it not so secret anymore. This mission will allow for you to disarm other player’s nukes.

If this sounds like something you want, then listen up.

4 Prerequisites to Access the Event:
  1. Mission 31 must be completed.

  2. You must not own or be currently developing any nuclear weapons. Dismantle any nukes you may have in stock.
  3. Complete the conditions related to nuclear proliferation for your gaming platform’s regional server.

  4. Your gaming platform’s regional server must have a nuclear weapon count equal to zero. All nukes on the server that correspond must be dismantled.

That’s it! Once these for qualifications are met, the event will automatically be triggered. All you need to do is return to Mother Base to for the automatic trigger to occur, or complete a main mission.

Players will also be able to trigger the event multiple times. Should you decide to build nukes after triggering the events once, just dismantle them again to meet all four qualifications. It will automatically trigger again.

Nuclear weapons owned by platform are dropping as you read this. The Metal Gear Official Twitter account for English speakers @metalgear_en has been giving daily updates for the number of nuclear weapons owned by platform:

Phantom Pain has received high praise since it’s release. If you haven’t gotten it yet or what to grab a copy for a friend, its sale for Steam users ends midday December 1.

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