How to Get the Palcat Pets in Palia

You can finally own pets in Palia. Here's how to get a Palcat pet.

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Pets have been a topic of discussion in the Palia community and among the Singularity 6 team for some time. Finally we can see the team’s dream come true as the Palcat pet released for players to adopt. Much like Tau follows Hassian, you can have your Palcat follow you as you explore ruins, gather wood, or cook up some Grilled Fish. Here’s how to get the Palcat Pets in Palia.

How to Get the Palcat Pet in Palia

The Palcat is available as a thank you for Palia players. There are a few options you can choose from, four different versions to be exact:

  • Sandy Palcat
  • Nocturnal Palcat
  • Island Palcat
  • Snowy Palcat
Image via Singularity 6

To get the Sandy Palcat, all you have to do is purchase any amount of Palia Coins. The pet is given as a bonus for the purchase. To get the other three versions of the Palcat, you need to purchase at least 3,000 total Palia Coins. This doesn’t have to be as a single transaction, all three versions will unlock once your total purchase hits 3,000. You also don’t have to spend your coins to get the Palcat, you just need to buy them. That equates to $30 USD to get all four versions of the Palcat.

If you’ve previously purchased Palia Coins, don’t worry. The Palcat unlocks based on all retroactive coin purchases. Bought coins during Alpha? You get a Palcat. Bought coins in Closed Beta? You get a Palcat? Bought coins after the release of the pet? You get a Palcat.

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How to Equip Your Pet

Once you have a Palcat unlocked you have to equip it for it to show. To do this head to your character page (C). Next to where you can assign your glider there is a new paw icon. Click the paw icon and all your unlocked pets will appear. Choose the one you want and select it. Presto, your Palcat will now follow you around Palia.

Palcats don’t offer any bonuses while equipped, nor do they chase prey or insects. They are simply a cool looking pet that can enhance any screenshots or photos you take.

That’s how to get a Palcat pet in Palia. While these are an exclusive to the Premium Store, future pets may be released as part of the game or available for a new vendor. Regardless, if you’re looking to get a pet now is your time to shine. For more on Palia, like how to romance Hassian, check out our guide library.

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