Step by step guide to keeping the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium.

How to get the “The Skilful Wolf Man” trophy in Until Dawn

Step by step guide to keeping the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium.

Keeping the wolf alive throughout Until Dawn’s Sanatorium can be a huge pain, especially for those that don’t know what they’re doing. There are multiple steps to obtain this trophy and missing even one can cancel out your chances.

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“The Skilful Wolf Man” is obtained at the end of Chapter 9, but the events needed to get this trophy start in Chapter 5. Because of this, it is best to get this trophy during a full playthrough and not separately after obtaining all the other trophies. 

This trophy does not affect your chances of getting any other trophy throughout the game; it is not connected to any of them.

Step 1. Do not kick the wolf

You’ll enter the Sanatorium in Chapter 5 and, after exploring a little while, will be running through the halls getting chased by the wolf. You’ll proceed a little further from this point and you’ll have the option to kick the wolf (the scene of which is pictured above). Instead, do nothing. 

Kicking the wolf will not make the wolf trust you and make the next steps pointless.

Step 2. Pet the wolf

When you gain control of Mike again, the wolf will be just to his left. Approach it. Do not back away. 

Mike will wind up petting the wolf and gaining some of its trust.

This is the first step in the friendship you must have to keep the wolf alive.

Step 3. Feed the wolf

Continue past the furniture in the middle of the room and up the small flight of stairs. Open the chest that is there on the right. Inside will be some bones. Grab one and head back to the wolf. Approach it again and feed the bone to it.

This is the last step of the friendship you need to have with the wolf.

Step 4: Play from Chapter 5 to 9, don’t skip

You cannot skip to Chapter 9 with chapter select. You have to play through all the chapters from Chapter 5 onwards. Skipping through the chapters will null this trophy.

When you return to the Sanatorium in Chapter 9, you’ll come across the wolf again. He will follow you throughout your journey in the Sanatorium.

Do not fail the QTEs

There will be many QTEs in this section with all the Wendigos chasing after you. Do not fail any of them. If you fail them, the wolf will sacrifice his life for you and die, making this trophy impossible to get.

Barricade the door

Closer to the end of the Sanatorium, you will have the option to barricade the door or keep running and escape. Barricade the door.

If you do not barricade the door, the wolf will die, regardless of what you have done previously.

Continue playing and Mike will jump into a hole in the ground. He will call the wolf to jump down with him. The wolf will not accompany him, but will walk off to the left with Mike saying, “Okiedokie bud… catch ya on the flipside, huh?”

Step 5. Play through the rest of Chapter 9

The trophy will not pop until the end of the chapter, so don’t fret when it doesn’t pop right after the Sanatorium.

If it doesn’t pop at the end of Chapter 9, you have done something wrong and will need to play through the Sanatorium again. 

Final Notes

If you happen to mess up, such as accidentally kicking the wolf, failing a QTE, or not barricading the door, quickly exiting to the XMB (the PS4’s main menu) and reloading the game will still allow you to get this trophy.

Step 2 and 3 are interchangeable. It doesn’t matter which one you do first as you long as you do both.

I hope you enjoy your shiny new gold trophy!

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