How to Get Void Essence in Stardew Valley

Need some help finding void essence in Stardew Valley? Here's where to look!

Need some help finding void essence in Stardew Valley? Here's where to look!

Finding rewards, treasures, gems, etc. can often be the hardest task for any player in most games. Stardew Valley follows this tried-and-true ideology. The deeper the game, goes the harder it is to obtain trinkets from the mines.

Speaking of trinkets, one thing seems to allude many players — void essence. The void essence is a type of Monster loot found in the mines or Skull Cavern, and it’s used for sale, gifting, or crafting. But a lot of players seem to have an incredibly hard time finding or obtaining it. In this short guide, we’ll go over the best locations to pick it up.

Where to Find Void Essence in Stardew Valley

Finding Void Essence in Stardew Valley Caverns

Void Essence in the Mines

Getting the void essence seems to be the hardest to get when it comes to these two areas. Once a player reaches level 80 and up in the mines, they can begin to collect this resource by killing shadow creatures — namely Brutes and Shamans. It can take a bit to defeat them, but once the final hit connects, the void essence will drop effortlessly.

Void Essence in Skull Cavern

Much like the mines, the Skull Cavern can be a great source for collecting void essence. But instead of having to wait until the higher levels, the essence available on every level — courtesy of evil Serpents. Defeating these serpents can be harder due to their swarm mentality, but once the battle is over, the void essence will be your sweetest reward.

Void Essence in the Sewers

Another way to get the void essence without the hassle of fighting giant serpents or shadow creatures is to open the sewers. In order to open them, players must obtain the Rust Key by donating 60 items to the Museum. Once unlocked, players can enter the sewers and find a friendly shadow brute named Korbus. He sells 10 void essences a day for 100 gold pieces. That can much easier than dealing with enemies, but it is limited supply per day.

Now that you have this guide, you should be able to find and obtain void essence a little more easily. Now go and play Stardew Valley to your heart’s content! While you’re here, go check our other Stardew Valley guides for even more help with the game:

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