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How to Get Weapon Power-Up in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC

Get the briefcase for cool Vampire Survivors stuff!

Weapon Power-Up in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC is a new item you can obtain on the new stages that come with the DLC. Obviously, this briefcase is pretty important, and if you’re wondering how to get more of them, I’m glad to help you.

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Where to Find More Briefcases in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC

If you open the map on the new stage, you’ll see where these briefcases are located. Some of them are close to the spawn, while others are in distant corners of the map. As for me, I use Arcana VIII – Mad Groove to reel them all to the spawn at the start of my run. It’s just so much simpler and faster. However, there are not many of them available at the start of the run. There is a way to get more, but it’s heavily influenced by luck.

You’ll notice that many new characters (11 out of 12, to be exact) have a line “Can find special pickups” in their character ability field in the character selection menu. This implies that they can get the Contra-specific pickup items such as Rapid Fire, Barrier, and Bomb. However, I personally found this to be a rare occurrence. I’ve spent around 10 hours playing this DLC, and I saw the Weapon Power-Up as a level option less than five times. So, you need to assume you aren’t gonna get any extras when planning your build.

What Does the Weapon Power-Up Do in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC?

When you pick up this briefcase, you’ll increase the level of one random weapon by 1 and get +1 Revival. It’s important to note that the Weapon Power-Up does not occupy your inventory slots. Instead, it will just hang around there until you use it to evolve the weapons from Operation Guns DLC. After you use it, it will disappear from your inventory, but the power-ups it delivers when you first pick it up will stay.

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