How to Level Up Fast in Battlefield 1

Need some tips on how to level up quickly in Battlefield 1? We've got you covered.

Battlefield 1, the newest entry within the Battlefield franchise, is a very popular first person shooter that takes the infantry and vehicle combat of past entries and throws it headlong into World War I. The maps are beautiful and expansive, the gunplay is satisfying, and the vehicle controls may not be the best, but fit within the early-modern world the game sets up.

However, there is one thing that many people, myself included, have been struggling with: Leveling up.

Leveling up is the only way to get new equipment in this game, and if you, say, buy a sniper that looks cool but can't drop guys quickly enough to save your life, then you are stuck with that gun and the guns you previously owned for the next few hours.

Unless, however, you use a few of these tricks to get some quick XP.

Play the objective

You may hear this all the time, but it's only because its true. If you want to get points in this game, you need to play the objective. Sure, it might not be as fun as running around picking off random soldiers, but it will net you big points in the long run. Whether you're the one taking the objective or defending it, there's no better way to get easy XP than by playing the objective.

Medals and Commendations

If you want to earn some extra points outside of capturing and camping on the objectives, medals and commendations are just for you.

Medals (which usually have five different goals for you to complete) reward you for playing the game in new and different ways. The Order of Hippocrates, one of the thirty-four medals you can earn, rewards you for playing as a medic as you heal and revive your teammates. The Order of Augustus rewards you for using and destroying various types of vehicles, such as tanks. However, these Medals are not for the faint of heart. With an XP payout of 5000, expect there to be some difficult tasks to complete if you want to get your reward.

Commendations are far easier to get, but they require a little more patience. Commendations come from using a certain gun or vehicle quite a lot, so it's best to find the gun you like the most and just stick with it. You'll get a nice pay-off when its all said and done, and it is usually faster than leveling up, but commendations aren't as quick as the Medal process.

Use vehicles

Another way to get plenty of points is by using vehicles. Not only are they useful for getting around, but they present you with plenty of opportunities to take out your fellow man and or vehicles that an infantry soldier may not have otherwise. On top of that, you get credit for kills just by being in the same vehicle as someone who did. You don't have to be some god-warrior to make full use of a vehicles potential. As long as you stay alive, you'll get some points.

However, that's not the only way to get some XP from vehicles.

Destroy/Repair vehicles

If you yourself are not a vehicle person, there are plenty of alternatives to sap some XP from those rolling/flying point-counters. For one, you could take to repairing vehicles for your team, giving them more time within a fight and you gain a bundle of points to go towards your next level.

On the flip side of that, destroying those behemoths of the battlefield might get you an equal amount of points. Destroying vehicles get you points, disabling vehicles get you points, even just damaging a vehicle gets you a few points.

So if you want something a little more defensive, or offensive, vehicle repair and destruction offers plenty of XP.


Unlike vehicles, sentries only afford you two options: join or die. You don't get much of anything other than gratitude if you heal sentries, so if you truly want to reap the benefits of a sentry, you'll need to either be one or kill one.

Armor plating and a general health buff makes killing these bastards a massive endeavor, so if you plan to take one out, consider switching to an Assault Class. On top of weapons that deal high damage, the Assault Class comes equipped with Tank-Killing Grenades, Dynamite, and a Rocket Gun that is sure to pack a punch. However, if you don't have time to switch classes, aim for the back, where the armor is weaker. 

Playing these Sentries, however, is almost as hard as killing them. You can't aim down sights, you can't put on a gas mask, your movement is slowed significantly, and you have to rely on the kindness of your allies for more ammo and health. However, if you manage to get a bunch of enemies close together and close to you, you have an opportunity to make a really big play, torching and or mowing all of them down.


Behemoths aren't game-changing vehicles for nothing. If controlled properly, the Zeppelin and Armored Train can do some serious damage to the enemy team. They are hard to kill, and are usually equipped with the weapons that make infantry flee to the trenches. If you can get a spot on one of these behemoths, take it; there are plenty of foolhardy Assault and Support Soldiers to go around.

On the flip side, taking out one of these vehicles will net whoever does it quite a few points. Regular vehicle attack rules apply, but if you're the one to drop the final bomb or shoot the final shell, you can find yourself with a massive payout on your hands.

For those foolhardy Assault and Support Players I mentioned earlier, the Zeppelin is pretty much out of reach if you aren't in a tank, AA-gun, or Plane. However, when it comes to the armored train, your best bet is to hit it with grenades. If you've got the rocket gun, use it. If you've got dynamite or mines, use them. If you've got tank killers, use them. It might not be fun, and you may find yourself running more than fighting, but grenading and exploding the armored train from afar is somewhat better than just throwing yourself at the train until either it blows or your team loses.

That's it for tips on leveling up in Battlefield 1. Hopefully these pointers will help you in your quest for greatness in the trenches and fields of World War I.

Is there anything we missed in our list? Chat about it in the comments down below!