How to Play PS4 Games on Any Mobile Android Device with Remote Play

Want to use PS4 Remote Play through your Android device, but it's incompatible? Here's a trick to get your device up and running.
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Ever wanted to play your PS4 with a mobile device, but couldn’t because of Sony’s limitations? Thanks to an APK released in the wild (link at the bottom of this article), many more Android devices can now use the PS4 Remote Play abilities.

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As of now, Sony has limited connectivity to PS4 Remote Play to Sony Xperia phones and tablets. Luckily, NightmareTacoGaming from YouTube describes in the above video how to set up (nearly) any Android device.

How does it work?

Obviously, older devices would struggle with compatibility. In the video above, NightmareTacoGaming was able to get it up and running on a Samsung Galaxy S3. As he played Destiny with the touchscreen controls, there was clearly a little bit of lag, but it didn’t look unplayable.

Of course, there are some people who can’t stand the use of touchscreen controls. Trying to simulate the comfort of a physical DualShock 4 is just about impossible on a touchscreen layout.

Fortunately, the video above shows how to play on the mobile device with a DS4 — it just takes a bit of work to set it up. It’s easier to set it up if the Android device is rooted, but there is another way if not. If you can find a mount to combine the DS4 and the Android device, it could be better than the experience on Vita.

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How to get Remote Play to work on Android

It’s all pretty simple to get it set up on your Android device. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure Remote Play is set to “Enabled” on the PS4. That’s a step commonly missed by people.
  2. Download the APK from here. It’s easiest when directly download it onto the Android device.
  3. Make sure the Android device accepts installing apps from unknown sources. This can be selected somewhere in the security settings.
  4. Install the app.
  5. Power on the PS4 and launch the Remote Play app on the Android device. Click Next.

The Android device has to be in close range first for the PS4 to see the device, but once it remembers it, you can access the PS4 from anywhere. Just as long as the console is in rest mode so the device can connect to it.

How to set up the DS4 controller for an Android Device

Now, what does it take to get the DS4 working on the Android device? It needs to be rooted and it requires a Sixaxis app. The best one is Sixaxis Controller and it’s available at the Google Play store for $2.53. However, you’ll need to make sure the device is compatible with the app, so there’s a free checker here.

If the device isn’t rooted, there’s still a way to hook it up using a PS4 console. This alternative method can also be used for those that don’t want to buy the app. Here’s how (straight from the video).

  1. Create a new PSN account.
  2. Log into your PS4 with that account.
  3. Log in with your new PSN account on the Remote Play app on your device.
  4. Open Settings on the Remote Play app on the device and tap “Change PS4 to Connect To.”
  5. When it starts connecting, hit Skip. It will ask for some numbers.
  6. Go to Settings on PS4, select Remote Play connection Setting, select Add Device.
  7. Use that number on your Remote Play device. After it connects, disconnect by pressing back.
  8. On the PS4, log out of your new user account and log back in to your primary account.
  9. On your Remote Play device, go to Settings, log out, then log back in with the new user account.
  10. On the main screen of the app, press Next to connect to your PS4.

Don’t expect a perfect experience

PS4 Remote Play is never going to be flawless. Whether you’re enjoying it on your Vita at close range or you’re 500 miles away from the console, there’s always going to be some lag involved. However, it is a better experience than messing with Remote Play on Vita with the PS3. For best results, it’s better to access the PS4 through Wi-fi instead of using mobile data.

For those that were looking forward to Remote Play freeing up the TV, the most ideal situation is using a Sony Xperia phone and mounting it with a DS4. The next best option is probably splitting the HDMI output and setting up a cheap PC monitor with some headphones. There’s less hassle than trying to make an unofficial Android device work.


As a word of caution, installing an APK away from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore requires the allowing of outside apps to be put on your device. It is a security risk as it allows any APK to be installed with your permission, but this program is completely safe. For more help, check out the Reddit discussion.

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