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How to Scrap Junk to Produce Oil in Fallout 76

Here's how to scrap junk to produce Oil in Fallout 76 to complete your daily and weekly timed challenges.

In Fallout 76, you’ll need to obtain Oil to craft various power armor mods and explosives. You must also produce it for timed challenges, earning you season tickets when completed. However, knowing where to find junk items that yield it can take time and effort unless you know the best places to look. Here’s how to scrap junk to produce Oil in Fallout 76, so you have more than you’ll ever need.

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What Junk Items Produce Oil When Scrapped in Fallout 76?

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There are many different junk items you can scrap to produce Oil in Fallout 76. The table below is an alphabetical list of the junk items and how much Oil they will yield after being scrapped. You’ll be surprised at how often you run across one of these junk items now that you are aware of what they yield when scrapped.

Junk ItemOil Yield
Aluminum Canister1
Aluminum Oil Can2
Arthur Wood’s Lighter1
Blue Paint2
Bulk Oil10
Cooking Oil1
Cutting Fluid3
Floater Flamer Pus Sac2
Flip Lighter1
Fuel Tank2
Fumigus Blowtorch3
Gas Canister1
Gold Plated Flip Lighter1
Grey & Gould Lighter2
Industrial Oil Canister2
Industrial Size Shortening4
Mr. Handy Fuel2
Neurotoxic Dust2
Oil Can2
Paint Can2
Plastic Gas Canister2
Portable Fuel Tank2
Red Paint2
Sticky Tar2
Unused Flip Lighter1
Used Oil Can1
Waste Oil1
Yellow Paint2

Where to Farm Oil in Fallout 76

The Gauly Mine is a key location for oil farming in Fallout 76. Its abundance of Lanterns, Used Oil Cans, Gas Canisters, and Flip Lighters, all of which can be scrapped to produce Oil, makes it a prime spot. A successful run here should yield you around 30 oil, with the run taking you about 10 minutes.

If you’re on a tight schedule and just need to complete the timed challenge, there’s a quick solution. Simply loot the required items from the rooms before the Gauly Mine entrance and the first part of the mine itself. This method should get you the 15 needed oil in just a few minutes.

Here are additional locations where you can farm junk items that produce Oil when scrapped in Fallout 76:

  • Abbie’s Bunker.
  • Blackwater Mine.
  • Camp Venture.
  • Camden Park.
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Another trick you can use to get your 15 Oil for the time challenge quickly is to craft Bulk Oil using a Tinkerer’s Bench. One bulk Oil will scrap for 10 Oil, so you must craft two, costing you 10 Waste Oil and 2 Plastic each. After you make both Bulk Oils, you can immediately scrap them to satisfy the challenge.

Now that you know how to scrap junk to produce Oil in Fallout 76, you’ll finish your weekly timed challenges in no time. Check out our Fallout 76 hub for more guides like How to Scrap Junk to Produce Ceramic, another common weekly timed challenge that you can complete!

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