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How to Solve the Perspective Bender Puzzles in Wuthering Waves

It's all about adapting your perspectives!

There’s a plethora of puzzles to uncover around the world of Wuthering Waves, some of which you’ll only encounter when you enter through different realm doors, like the Perspective Bender challenge. Here, you’ll face several puzzles, but you’ll earn some great rewards for completing them. Here’s how to make it through.

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Wuthering Waves Perspective Bender Puzzles Guide

Unlike the Guide Crystal puzzles or encryption puzzles you come across in the world, the Perspective Bender is a full-fledged challenge. This means you’ll enter through the dimension door to a separate location where you’ll need to complete puzzles and work your way through to exit again with some rewards.

Before you can start the Perspective Bender, you’ll need to complete the side quest, “Restart the Radar.” To start it, head northeast of the Rearguard Base and speak to the Upset Soldier.

You’ll need to venture around the area, powering up Surveillance Stations to restart the Radar. This will help uncover the Perspective Bender and allow you to enter. Once you’ve completed this side quest, you can begin the challenge at the realm door northwest of the radar location, past the Withering Frontline.

Puzzle 1

You’ll encounter the first puzzle by walking through the door into the first room. Here, you’ll see a door in front of you with several different symbols. On the floor of the podium will be other similar symbols. The goal is to hit the buttons to make them match the pattern on the wall. Use your jump and plunge move to hit them.

By inspecting all the triangles and the cube on the floor, we can tell the only one we need to change is the cube button since it doesn’t match. Stand on the cube, jump, and plunge down on the button. This will open the door and allow you to progress.

Puzzle 2

In the next room, you’ll need to use the circular device to change the scenery around you. The goal is to rotate it so you can reach the next door, allowing you to progress.

Interact with the device and press the “Rotate 90 degrees” button three times. During the second rotation, you can back out and grab the chest. Then, rotate once more so that the door and the next puzzle are straight ahead.

Now, you’ll have another set of buttons and symbols to press. This time, there are three cubes and four triangles spread around them. Take a look at all the angles of the ones on the floor to try and find how to match them.

This one has a few more buttons to hit than the last one, but it’s pretty quick. All you need to do is plunge down on all the cubes on the floor to make them match the white ones on the wall. Then, the door will open, and you can continue forward by jumping on the green jump pad plant to the higher level.

Puzzle 3

On the upper level, you’ll come across another rotating scenery device. Just like last time, you’ll need to rotate the room to find the path forward. However, instead of a door this time, there’s just an opening.

Interact with the rotation device and rotate the room clockwise one time. This will line up the opening with the right side of the room and the wall of symbols across from it on the left. Now, you can climb up to the right opening and complete another symbol pattern.

This is another simple solution to the symbol pattern. All you need to do is jump up and plunge onto the center cube button on the floor to make it match the white cube. This will open the symbol wall across from it.

In this little room, all you need to do is defeat the enemies. Then, the purple Tidal Heritage will be unlocked, and you can collect it. Now, go back to the main room and use the rotation device to rotate the room again, now with both openings on the top and bottom of the room.

The bottom opening will reveal another jump pad that allows you to jump up through the top opening to reach the next area. Use your glider to fly over to the stairs once you jump upward.

Puzzle 4

Before you head into the next room, you’ll be stopped by three enemies. Defeat them to continue forward, where you’ll find another set of symbols and a rotation device in the middle of them.

This is the most complicated puzzle of them all. By reading the stone tablet, you’ll know your first step is to form all the symbol patterns together by rotating the room with its cracked openings on the wall.

Rotate the room two times until all three stars are formed correctly. Now, you can back out and use those three stars to determine what buttons you need to change on the floor.

Since there are three different patterns visible here, you’ll use all of them. To do that, you’ll need to change all the buttons on the floor to match the white-colored symbols on the wall patterns. Four of them are already white, so you need to change four more to match. Hit the cube and triangle on the top left and the cube and triangle on the top right.

Ta-da! You’ve completed the puzzle and the challenge. You’ll receive an Advanced Chest and all the challenge rewards, which range from currencies to upgrade materials, weapons, and more. Once you collect all of them, you can exit the challenge realm and go back into the real world.

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