Having trouble surviving nightfall keeping away from Ghasts? This guide contains all the tips you need to help you survive in Rogue Islands.

How to Survive the Night and the Ghasts in Rogue Islands

Having trouble surviving nightfall keeping away from Ghasts? This guide contains all the tips you need to help you survive in Rogue Islands.

Once darkness falls in Rogue Islands, an FPS roguelike with Minecraft exploration and mining elements, the spectral Ghasts fall from the sky and hunt for living entities from whom they can drain their life force. Ghasts are entirely invincible and cannot be killed by any means. If one spots you, your only chance of survival is to flee.

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This guide covers all the tips that you need to survive the night and avoiding the Ghasts, along with the advantages of exploring the islands during nightfall.

The Advantages of Exploring at Night

While exploring the islands at night is extremely dangerous and generally ill-advised because of Ghasts, there are a few major advantages to doing so. First is the much needed Gurgleweed, required to craft Nightmares; it is actually visible at night. During nightfall, the weed has a purple-pink glow coming from its berries that can be seen quite far away.

It allows you to locate the weed without the need to blindly explore the dangerous depths, avoiding the skeletal piranha fish that lurk in the waters. Second, enemies are much more visible from a distance during the night as they light up their surroundings.

This may not seem extremely useful as there are advantages to defeating enemies, but in times where your health is low, it allows you to figure out how to get around them without alerting them.

Third, it allows you to explore the island in its entirety, mining it for all its valuable materials and allowing you to become more powerful far more quickly than if you avoided nightfall entirely.

Finally, the materials that you need to mine from each of the islands to upgrade and unlock new spells are far more visible at night. Like many other things in Rogue Islands, at night, the likes of diamond and emerald shards and mana reserves glow in the darkness and can be seen across long distances.

Indeed, these advantages work in your favor, but surviving long enough to see the sunrise is a challenge in itself. There are two tactics can you can use to survive the night, that being hunkering down until sunrise or using a stealthier approach.

Hunkering Down for the Night

This tactic is for those who simply don’t reach their ship before darkness falls, and have no desire to explore the island any further — or have Scrolls of Teleportation or fuel for the ship. One of the most important things to do before nighttime is stock up on food. This can be done by approaching any type of food and pressing the R key to place it in your inventory. 

Night lasts approximately five minutes in real time and during that time, you will need to eat several foods or you will begin to starve. This makes stocking up on food during daylight extremely important. 

As night begins to descend upon the island, it is best to find a sheltered area in which to take cover, be it a cave, underneath a cliff of some kind, or in a canyon. The more confined the area you are in when the Ghasts begin to appear, the less likely they are to land near you or notice you.

It is also important that you look to the sky as soon as the game informs you that the Ghasts are arriving. You will notice them beginning to descend from the sky, giving you an idea of where they are landing, furthering the chances of them not finding you.

Once you are stocked up with food, have a hiding place, and know there are no Ghasts that can spot you, it is a case of just having some patience and waiting for the sunrise. Once the sun begins to rise, you will see the Ghasts returning to the sky, and then it is again safe to explore the island.

The Stealthy Approach

The stealthy approach is for those looking to continue exploring throughout the night and use the advantages that it brings while also avoiding the dangers that come with it. Just like hunkering down, you are going to need food, but having a stockpile isn’t as much of a necessity here due to the fact that you will come across food as you explore.

Your main focus here is venturing about the island using the darkness to easily spot the materials that you need while avoiding the Ghasts. Much like hunkering down, when you receive the prompt that the Ghasts are coming, look to the sky to see where they are landing.

If any are dropping near your position, ensure that you move a good distance away so they do not notice you. What you need to be on the look out for is a large white glow emitting in the darkness. If you see that, there is a Ghast in that area.

Even if you can’t directly see them, there is no mistaking there is one there somewhere. If you begin to approach, the likeliness of them spotting you is quite high and once they begin pursuing you, you won’t be able to lose them again until daybreak.

There is nearly always a clear route of some kind through the Ghasts if you look for it, and once you get through it, there is a nice chunk of area that you can explore where their presence is at a minimum. While doing all this you must always remember: do NOT attempt to shoot a Ghast or shoot in their area because it will alert them, causing them to chase you.

It is also worth noting that while exploring at night, you should always have at least one Nightmare in your inventory or at the very least a Scroll of Teleportation along with fuel for your ship. That way if you die, or a Ghast begins to chase you, you can teleport straight back to your ship and escape.

This is far more dangerous than simply hunkering down and waiting, but it is also the most rewarding as it allows you to continue finding the all important materials required to upgrade and unlock new spells. Just make sure you always have a backup plan in case things start to go horribly wrong.

Good Luck in Your Survival

And there you have it, all the tips that you need to help you survive nightfall in Rogue Islands. Be it simply not getting back to your ship in time or reaping the rewards for braving the dark and its inhabitants, you have all the information that you need to survive.


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