Princess Peach uses her magic ribbon in Princess Peach Showtime
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How to Unlock All Transformations in Princess Peach: Showtime!

Find out how to unlock all transformations in Princess Peach Showtime!

There are 11 special sparkle costumes that Princess Peach transforms into. These costumes grant her unique abilities that come in handy at certain levels. In this guide, I’ll provide you with tips on how to unlock all transformations in Princess Peach: Showtime!, including all their effects.

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Princess Peach Showtime: All Transformations List

Princess Peach automatically unlocks various transformations at the start of specific levels. In the table below, I list all the locations and levels for each transformation. So, once you start on these levels, Princess Peach will start with a specific costume.

Princess Peach Swordfighter transformation costume in Princess Peach Showtime
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TransformationUnlocked at the start of:Effect
Swordfighter Peach– The Castle of Thorns (Level: 1F).
– The Ghostly Castle (Level: 2F).
– The Dark Swordfighter & the Arena (Level: BF).
– Swordfighter Rehearsal (Level: 1F).
Princess Peach wields and swings her sword.
Patissiere Peach– Welcome to the Festival of Sweets (Level: 1F).
– Welcome to the Spooky Party (Level: 3F).
– The Dark Baker & the Bewitching Sweets (Level: BF).
Princess Peach turns into a baker, preparing cookies and cakes.
Ninja Peach– Ninjutsu: The Art of Rapids (Level: 1F).
– Ninjutsu: The Art of Flames (Level: 4F).
– The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards (Level: BF).
Turn into a ninja, wielding kunai, wall-jumping, and crouching.
Figure Skater Peach– A Snow Flower on Ice (Level: 2F).
– A Parade on Ice (Level: 5F).
– The Dark Ice & the Shadowy Stage (Level: BF).
Turn into an ice skater, dancing around and defeating enemies.
Cowgirl Peach– Cowgirl in the Wilderness (Level: 1F).
– Cowgirl at Dusk (Level: 3F).
– The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town (Level: BF).
– Cowgirl Rehearsal (Level: 3F).
Transform into a cowgirl, using your lasso to defeat enemies.
Mermaid Peach– Melody of the Sea (Level: 3F).
– Blight of the Sea (Level: 5F).
– The Dark Depths & the Swirling Currents (Level: BF).
Transform into a mermaid and sing to control fish.
Detective Peach– The Case of the Missing Mural (Level: 2F).
– The Case of the Rainy-Day Plot (Level: 4F).
– The Dark Museum & the Purple Mystery (Level: BF).
As a detective, use your magnifying glass to solve mysteries inside the museum.
Dashing Thief Peach– The Perfect Infiltration (Level: 2F).
– The Stolen Statue (Level: 4F).
– The Dark Prison & the Dangerous Trap (Level: BF).
– Dashing Thief Rehearsal (Level: 2F).
As a thief, carefully make your way through the levels using a hookshot and a glider.
Kung Fu Peach– A Kung Fu Tale (Level: 4F).
– A Kung Fu Legend (Level: 5F).
– The Dark School & the Twisted Fist (Level: BF).
– Kung Fu Rehearsal (Level: 4F).
This costume allows Peach to use Kung Fu martial arts to defeat enemies.
Mighty Peach– Mighty Mission: Alien Invasion (Level: 3F).
– Mighty Mission: The Rescue (Level: 5F).
– Dark Space & the Great Meteor (Level: BF).
– Mighty Rehearsal (Level: 5F).
As a Mighty Peach, the princess finally obtains her superpowers.
Radiant Peach– It’s Showtime, Grape! (Final Level)For the battle with the final boss of the game, Princess Peach can use powerful sparkles.

That’s all I wanted to tell you on how to unlock all transformations in Princess Peach: Showtime! Stay tuned for more PPS tips and tricks articles here.

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