How to Unlock Marshadow in Pokemon Sun and Moon

How can you get this new fighting/ghost type Pokemon in Sun and Moon! We've got the answer.

How can you get this new fighting/ghost type Pokemon in Sun and Moon! We've got the answer.

Although Nintendo has already given Pokemon fans a first glimpse of the newest Legendary coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon several months ago, additional information has been revealed about Marshadow to further entice players. Marshadow, the Gloomdweller Pokemon, is a mysterious creature that likes to literally hide amongst the shadows — learning the techniques and tendencies of others while staying out of sight. Despite having a rather foreboding ability, Marshadow is known to be incredibly careful and rarely makes its presence known.

The Gloomdweller Pokemon will be the first in history to have a Fighting/Ghost type, making it particularly useful against Psychic types that would usually have an easy time against Fighting types. At the same time, it is completely immune to other Fighting types it may go up against. 

Marshadow’s moveset is as unique as its very particular typing. This is the only Pokemon that can learn the move “Spectral Thief.” Spectral Thief allows Marshadow to steal the stat boosts of its opponent, while still dealing damage! This is a great ability for turning around a fight that might not be going your way. Marshadow can also learn a powerful Z-Move if it already knows Spectral Thief.

But in spite of everything we know about Marshadow, there’s still one questino players are asking: how will we be able to get this little guy in the game?

Unlocking Marshadow in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Marshadow has been confirmed to be a Mythical Pokemon, meaning that it will only be unlockable through a specific event. Sadly, that means you will unable to be access it right now.

We will update this guide once more information is released regarding when and where you can be able to pick up Marshadow for yourself. So stay tuned! And while you wait, be sure to check out the rest of our Pokemon Sun and Moon guides to get a competitive edge in the game. 

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