Hunger Games can be difficult to those who have only played a little, or never at all, so here are a couple survival tips to get you ahead of the competition.

Hunger Games tips, tricks, and advice for surviving Minecraft’s best multiplayer mode

Hunger Games can be difficult to those who have only played a little, or never at all, so here are a couple survival tips to get you ahead of the competition.
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Hunger Games is an immensely interesting custom-made game mode within Minecraft. The concept, as most probably already know, is that the players – generally around 24 – all start with an empty inventory, no food, and no weapons or armor to protect themselves against other players.

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When the clock strikes zero, the gate is unlocked and players can rush forward, either grabbing one of the many chests in the central area and combating opponents, or they can take off into the woods to survive as they may.

Tip #1 –  Be Smart About Starting Crates

Every single instance of Hunger Games within Minecraft has anywhere from 1-15 starting chests – these numbers change depending on the server, as will the various goods. The goods within these chests can range from armor and weapons to food or resource tools. Every single item is useful, though. 

Unfortunately, upon spotting one of those wonderful chests, that also means that at least 10 other players have seen the same one you’ve got your eye on. Should one of these players have a strike of luck and obtain the contents of the chest first, you risk being cut down within the first 30 seconds of the game – should they have obtained a weapon inside one of them.

Obviously, everyone wants to get a little head start with their resources and goods, but it could mean life or death. Sometimes it is better to race into the woods. Sure, you start with nothing and have to survive on your own, but at least you’re still alive.

You really have to weigh your options here. If you know you’re playing with new players, then taking the chance for a chest or two could be worth it. However, if you’re in a server full of highly-experienced individuals, then it is certain death.

Should you go for a chest, though, make sure you note which keyboard keys will grab everything from the box upon opening it. Make it quick. Steal everything possible, then take off, sprinting into the woods and away from the central spawn area. Don’t stop running.

Tip #2 – Keep Moving

If you find yourself slowing down or stopping altogether within Hunger Games, then you’re probably going to die soon. Another player can easily swoop in and strike you down with their sword if they see you lollygagging.

Obviously, though, the sprint functionality within Minecraft does run out, especially if you do not have enough food to keep your hunger levels high enough. If they are not high, then your stamina is going to take the hit here.

You don’t need to necessarily run across the game world. In fact, you can’t, as most Hunger Games servers put everyone into an arena, which is usually closed off after a certain distance. Instead, just get far enough away from other players – especially at the beginning – in order to set up camp somewhere and gather your thoughts before enacting a game plan.

Tip #3 – Make Use of Free Kits

Sometimes, if you’re incredibly lucky, a new server brandishing the Hunger Games game mode in Minecraft will offer a starter kit for everyone interested in joining their PvP-centric game mode.

Generally, this player kit starts with some basic armor, usually iron, and a sword or bow. The sword, much like the armor, tends to be incredibly weak, but useful at the same time. It will probably be made of stone or, if you’re lucky, an iron one will be awaiting you.

The point of this tip: make use of this kit. Don’t pass it up and think you’re better than other players in the game. Sure, you could add an extra layer to the challenge, but you are probably going to die too many times to warrant that risk.

Tip #4 – Ration Your Food Carefully

Food is, easily, one of the most valuable resources within Hunger Games. You need to stock up, find more, and preserve the food you have for when times get desperate. After a particularly engaging battle, for example, you’re going to want to replenish some hearts. If your hunger level is too low, though, you won’t be able to do that.

It would be better to carry too much food than very little at all. After all, Hunger Games is all about combat and survival, so make sure you have the key to survival in your inventory.

Tip #5 – Don’t Charge Others, Take a Second to Plan Your Kills and Your Escapes

Tip number 5 is easily one of the most important tips for any potential Hunger Games players. You need to kill other players in order to win the game, so be cautious, but savage in doing so.

When you spot another player – and they haven’t seen you yet – plan the kill out with as much detail as possible. Set where you can ambush them, where to run off after the deed is done, and what to bring with you to ensure you can swipe away at their health quickly and efficiently. 

Sneaking up on another player is, obviously, the best option you have to kick things off. Hit them fast and hard, ensuring they have less health than you for when they turn to defend themselves. Or, alternatively, when another player is near a cliff – this is pure luck sometimes – then you can try and knock them over the ledge and kill them instantly.

Tip #6 – Teaming Up Is Dangerous, But Worthwhile During First Few Minutes

A lot of people will tell you to book it off on your own immediately without any form of a plan, just so you can get away from the chaos at the cornucopia. Instead, prepare before the match begins by talking with other players. Form a quick bond and team up with them.

Teaming up can be dangerous, but it is also the best way to ensure you survive a lot longer than if you were flying solo.

Alternatively, speak to the person after the game has begun. Send a quick private message asking if they would care to join you in world domination. Just be sure you get the opportunity to kill them before they can do the same to you.

Tip #7 – Surviving the Nights

Just because you’re playing Hunger Games and the entire point of the game mode is to kill other players, doesn’t mean mobs won’t come into play at night, too.

Zombies, creepers, skeletons, spiders, and more come out when the sun goes down, so be wary. Keep yourself healed up, armed to the teeth, and cautious of the entire world around you.

Your best bet during the night time will be to find a tree or a cave to hide out in. A tree, perhaps, could work best if you can get into one, as a cave tends to be pitch black and spawns more mobs than it prevents.

Tip #8 – Take Advantage of Traps and Ambushes

Last, but certainly not least, is the inclusion of various traps within the game world. These tend to be incredibly dangerous, but more annoying than anything else.

Traps, thankfully, are easy to spot for the trained eye, though. Most traps in Hunger Games tend to be a small cave within a wall or a tiny passageway just large enough for the player to enter. You can avoid these altogether, but there are often packages of goodies within them, too.

Anything that has a button or a lever is probably a trap, too. The simple fact is: you always need to keep your eyes open.

So, these were just eight tips to keep you alive when playing Hunger Games. There will be a lot of tips and tricks that you learn on your own while playing, but these should get you going on your first match. Learn the PvP-focused game and dominate the competition.

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