From the Ripper to Skybreaker, these are the best weapons in Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape Guide: Best Weapons Tier List

From the Ripper to Skybreaker, these are the best weapons in Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape just entered Season One, and though the battle royale is only at the beginning of its lifecycle, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of weapons to choose from — some better than others. Each player can carry up to two weapons, a primary weapon and a sidearm, so it’s important to consider several factors before choosing which weapon might be best for you.

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This tier list will provide you an idea of what the best weapons for each category are, so you can easily decide which loadout to choose for your next ranked match. 

S-Tier Weapons

  • Type: LMG
  • Head Damage: 6-7
  • Body Damage: 4-5
  • Magazine: 150-270

Hexfire, a.k.a. the Minigun, is the most obvious choice for the best weapon in Hyper Scape. It had a tremendous run during the beta test, and it is still the best main weapon to have in the game.

The latest patch for Hyper Scape increased the body damage of Hexfire from 3-4 to 4-5, but it also decreased the fire rate from 1000 RPM to 900 RPM. Despite the changes, Hexfire is undoubtedly the highest TTK (Time to Kill) weapon in Hyper Scape, and it doesn’t look like this is going to change too soon.

  • Type: SMG
  • Head Damage: 10-12
  • Body Damage: 7-8
  • Magazine: 30-45

Harpy is a real beast in the right hands. Its short but powerful bursts work perfectly at close range, and since close quarters is a staple of Hyper Scape‘s combat, you can use its short-range precision to great effect.

It’s only drawback is its (really) tiny magazine, but that is compensated by an extremely fast reload time (no more than 2 seconds).

Harpy is also the most mobile weapon in the game, which is perfect for all of the sprinting and jumping you will be doing in Hyper Scape.

A-Tier Weapons

  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Head Damage: 16-19
  • Body Damage: 13-15
  • Magazine: 23-36

Assault rifles are notoriously good mid-range weapons, and between this AR and the Dragonfly, the Ripper is a clear winner.

It has almost no recoil, which allows you to worry less about holding your aim regardless of the distance. Its damage output is high enough to justify a small magazine, which means that you can easily deal straight-up headshots and clear an entire area without reloading.

If you’re looking for a universal-approach type of weapon, then the Ripper is the best choice.

Riot One
  • Type: Pistol
  • Head Damage: 39-57
  • Body Damage: 29-39
  • Magazine: 6

This sidearm revolver is incredibly accurate and is the best weapon for dealing headshots in close quarters. However, Riot One is not a good weapon for beginners; it is really hard to master.

Experienced players, though, can certainly get insta-kills with Riot One. This makes the revolver the perfect companion for almost close-range loadout.

B-Tier Weapons

Mammoth MK1
  • Type: Shotgun
  • Head Damage: 7-8
  • Body Damage: 6-7
  • Magazine: 5-9

Like in other battle royales and shooters, shotguns can be very effective weapons at close range, but Mammoth performs quite well at distance using a scope, as well.

Of course, the spread increases at distance and, consequently, reduces the gun’s overall damage. But that’s offset by its robust magazine, which gives you more shots to hit opposing players with.

The only drawback of the shotgun is its inconsistent accuracy, but when things get tight in close-quarters, your hit-chance greatly increases anyway. With this, it simply increases that much more. 

Protocol V
  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Head Damage: 75-120
  • Body Damage: 50-67
  • Magazine: 3

Protocol V is probably the most controversial weapon in Hyper Scape. It has the highest damage output per shot, which allows you to one-shot any enemy regardless of the distance.

However, console players may have more than a few problems with its scope and accuracy. Currently, it just works much better on the PC version of the game, making it a go-to weapon on the platform.

Since Protocol V is totally useless at close range, you must combine it with a close-quarter weapon, such as Riot One or Mammoth MK1. But players exclusively play sniper could very well move Protocol V to the top of this tier list. 

  • Type: Rocket Launcher
  • Damage: 50-67
  • Magazine: 1

Skybreaker is an energy rocket launcher that currently has no pushback and deals hefty environmental damage. It’s slower than the rest of the weapons here, of course, but it could be perfect for raining devastation down on your opponents from above. Its charges are almost entirely silent, which makes the blast completely surprising if your enemies don’t see it coming.

The best part about Skybreaker is that it only requires a low skill level to operate well; it’s great for beginners and veterans alike.

That’s it for our Hyper Scape best weapons tier list. Which weapons are your favorite? Which do you hate? Join the conversation over on Twitter

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