I Love Pop Culture Answers – Levels 41 Through 80

Convenient answers for levels 41 to 70 in I Love Pop Culture.
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I Love Pop Culture brings some new fun to the pop trivia games that have become so popular lately. Players must figure out the answers based on the pictures presented, and it’s not as easy as it looks.

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This guide covers levels 41 to 80, with the answers split into chunks of five for easy browsing. The Hint 1 and 2 columns in each table describe the pictures shown, hopefully in a way that is easy to understand.

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Levels 41 to 45

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 41 Jail bars Broken cup Prison break
Level 42 Compass Chicken wing West Wing
Level 43 Saggy pants Cowboy Low Rider
Level 44 Donkey ears Kong dog toy Donkey Kong
Level 45 Slam door Donut and coffee Slam Dunk


Levels 46 to 50

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 46 Abacus Crows Counting Crows
Level 47 Ocean Perfume spray Ocean Spray
Level 48 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor
Level 49 Stud earring Muffin Stud Muffin
Level 50 Baby toys Book Toy Story


Levels 51 to 55

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 51 Cold thermometer Cooked turkey Cold Turkey
Level 52 Stretching man Astronaut Stretch Armstrong
Level 53 Small guy Chain link Weakest Link
Level 54 Vanilla extract bottle Sky Vanilla Sky
Level 55 Lion Elvis Lion King


Levels 56 to 60

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 56 Holding hands Knot Hold Tight
Level 57 Partridge bird Family tree Partridge Family
Level 58 Slam dunk Car doing donuts Dunkin Donuts
Level 59 Robot Chicken Robot Chicken
Level 60 Woman farting Eaten apple Tutti Fruity


Levels 61 to 65

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 61 Smiling face Calendar pages Happy Days
Level 62 Eyes in the dark Horse Dark Horse
Level 63 Campfire Wheels Hot Wheels
Level 64 Karate chop Goat Karate Kid
Level 65 Laughing Man Cow Laughing Cow


Levels 66 to 70

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 66 Man in straightjacket Flute Looney Tunes
Level 67 Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite
Level 68 Top hat Chef’s hat Top Hat
Level 69 Pink square Light switch Square Off
Level 70 Infinity symbol Sword Infinity Blade


Levels 71 to 75

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 71 Smashing a window Pumpkins Smashing Pumpkins
Level 72 Man with tongue out Tied showlace Tongue Tied
Level 73 Paper shredder Wheat field Shredded Wheat
Level 74 Price tag Falling apple Free Fall
Level 75 Cooked bacon Strawberries and cream Krispy Kreme


Levels 76 to 80

Level Hint 1 Hint 2 Answer
Level 76 Razor blade Table runner Blade Runner
Level 77 Scale Dog Pound Puppy
Level 78 Penny Bowling lane Penny Lane
Level 79 Power plant Park rangers Power Rangers
Level 80 Tug of war Chompy teeth toy Pulling Teeth

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