With these Immortals Fenyx Rising tips and tricks, you'll restore order to The Golden Isle, discover every treasure, and unlock the best skills on your first try.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips and Tricks Guide

With these Immortals Fenyx Rising tips and tricks, you'll restore order to The Golden Isle, discover every treasure, and unlock the best skills on your first try.
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Whether you’re a fan of Breath of the Wild, Ubisoft’s open-world games, or you just really love solving puzzles and swinging swords, there’s a lot to soak in when it comes to Immortals Fenyx Rising. If you’re looking for some Immortals Fenyx Rising tips and tricks to help you conquer all of The Golden Isle, this guide built from a 40-hour playthrough seeks to answer your questions and get you off on the right path straight away.

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Here is your beginner’s guide to Immortal Fenyx Rising, which covers things like puzzles, the most efficient way to explore the map, Ambrosia, Night Chests, and more. 

Puzzles are Worth the Wait

The Golden Isle is downright littered with puzzles, to an extent that even makes Breath of the Wild seem quite sparse in comparison. These don’t just make up a fun element of gameplay in Immortals  they’re extremely critical to staying one step ahead of the monsters standing in your way.

Major puzzles like Vaults will reward you with permanent stamina boosts, while even your run-of-the-mill environmental puzzles will often bestow upon you Epic Chests, Gear Chests, and much more.

In open-world games like these, it can be easy to get distracted by the next map icon, but it’s rarely as important to head off the beaten path as it is in Immortals.

Explore the Map in this Specific Order

Once you get out the starting area of Clashing Rocks, you’ll arrive in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Once there, you can head off in any direction you like, but the game subtly favors one particular order of things as implied by its difficulty ramp.

Our advice? Travel clockwise when clearing the map and progressing the story. From Valley of Eternal Spring, make Grove of Kleos your next stop. Then head to The Forgelands before finishing at War’s Den.

After those four sections are complete, the remainder of the game is linear until the final boss, so if you take these steps beforehand, you’ll be best equipped to fight to restore order on The Golden Isle.

Know Which Skills Help You Earliest and Most Often

There are more than 40 combat upgrades to unlock in Immortals, with even more when you add up things like Potions and Gear Upgrades. Thankfully, we’ve already laid out in fine detail all the best upgrades to unlock in Immortals

Remember the Little Things

There are a few handy tricks in Immortals that the game doesn’t tell you about, so we will.

First, to call a Mount after you’ve tamed it, hold Y/Triangle. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck retaming new Mounts every time you want to move around the Isle faster.

Secondly, you can quick-save by going to the pause menu and holding Up on the D-Pad. It’s much faster than the full manual save.

Lastly, you can meditate to change time of day from day to night or vice versa. To do so, hold the start button. Fenyx will rest until the sun goes up or down, whichever you were going for. This can be helpful in unlocking Night Chests (or perhaps even the Stadium Armor). 

Armor is For Style and Substance

Like any good RPG worth its carrying limit, your armor isn’t just there to keep you from getting bruises, cuts, scrapes, and general booboos. It’s also meant to prove your fashionista bona fides.

No matter which armor you choose for its bonuses applied, you can also change it to look like any other armor you own if you happen to prefer another style. In the armor menu, press X/Square to change only the visual style of the armor while keeping your preferred armor on for its bonuses.

For me, whatever I chose for buffs, I overlaid it with Kassandra’s armor from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey  an exclusive reward found in the Ubisoft Connect menu. It’s important to be prepared for the battle, but maybe just as vital to look cool in battle.

Never Skip Nearby Ambrosia

Ambrosia is one of the most abundant collectibles in the game, and thankfully, Immortals doesn’t have any sort of collectible you’d want to skip, but least of all is Ambrosia.

Every handful of these colorful rocky objects you find can be turned in for another health chunk (Ubisoft’s words). This is super important and thus, it’s always worth heading off your critical path if you see some nearby Ambrosia.

They’re often found in high places or on hidden cliff rests or even found as the reward of some puzzles, but wherever they are, you’ll want to grab them.

Combine these with the stamina chunks you get at the end of Vaults and you’ll be leveling on or ahead of schedule to take on the game’s toughest challenges.

You Can Scout at Any Time

In each region, the game will ask you to scale a stone statue of a god and scout the area to reveal points of interest. It’s a familiar trope for a Ubisoft game, but it works differently and to the player’s benefit in Immortals. 

Because scouting is done manually, unlike in Assassin’s Creed, it’s possible to miss some PoIs when overlooking a vast region, but fear not. Whether you find yourself atop another statue, a mountain, or even down in the grass, you can scout at any point.

This makes it easier to find things you may have missed at the first pass. With a few extra scouting attempts from ground level, you’ll likely mark everything on the map for yourself.

Night Chests Offer Big Challenges with Big Rewards

There are a ton of rewards to unlock in Immortals, from the aforementioned stamina and health chunks to Epic Chests, Gear Chests, and more. But one of the best rewards you can find in the game are called Night Chests, and while they’re always on the map, you can’t access them until the sun goes down.

Either wait until night or meditate until then as mentioned above and head off for the nearest Night Chest, indicated by a blue crescent moon on your map. These chests have some exceptional bounties inside of them, though they’re well defended too, so stock up on potions before you head off. They’re well worth the trouble, though.

With these Immortals Fenyx Rising tips and tricks, you’ll get off to a fast start in Ubisoft’s newest open-world game. For more on the game, check out our full Immortals review.

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