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Is Bodycam a VR Game? Answered

Find out if you'll need to dust off your VR headset before playing Bodycam.

Bodycam’s graphics and movement mechanics make it a unique and hardcore experience that many titles fail to provide. The sudden early access release has gathered lots of attention from shooter fans, and some gamers are wondering whether Bodycam is a VR game. If you’re wondering the same, you came to the right place.

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Bodycam: Is It a VR Game?

No, Bodycam is not a VR game. Although Bodycam’s graphics and movement mechanics make it look like a VR game, you shouldn’t have hopes for it. The game’s developers released a statement on the official Bodycam Discord server about adding VR support. According to Bodycam’s FAQ section, VR support is not in Reissad Studio’s plans.

Soldiers walking on a hallway in Bodycam
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Bodycam’s developers even released a 2024 roadmap confirming what new features and adjustments they plan to bring into the game, including NVIDIA DLSS, new weapons, new maps, a zombie game mode, character skins, and more. Sadly, a VR game mode is not on the road map, and according to what I stated before, you shouldn’t expect it any time soon.

Bodycam launched on June 7, 2024, and since then, thousands of players have been enjoying the hardcore tactical shooter made by Reissad Studio. The game’s launch has not been perfect; many players are experiencing performance issues and have even encountered a couple of cheaters.

However, Bodycam is an early access title, so you shouldn’t expect a flawless experience. Luckily for fans, Reissad Studio is working hard to fix and add new improvements to Bodycam. The game’s developers are taking player feedback seriously, as many of the roadmap points were added by the community’s request and feedback.

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