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Is Starfield an Xbox Exclusive? Answered

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If you’re wondering if Starfield is an Xbox exclusive, we have the answer. As one of the biggest games to release in 2023, the hype behind Bethesda’s open-world space game is real, and if you don’t own a Microsoft console, you’ll want to know if you can play it when it releases later this year. Here’s what we know.

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Will Starfield Be an Xbox Exclusive?

Yes, Bethesda’s massive Starfield game will be an Xbox console exclusive; it will still be available on PC. The term “Xbox Exclusive” refers to it being only available on an Xbox console when it releases on September 6, 2023. While this is guaranteed to upset some PlayStation players — with some even signing a petition to flip the script and make it a PS5 exclusive — Bethesda and Microsoft don’t currently have any plans to bring it to another console at this time.

The sci-fi RPG is the first new IP for Bethesda in 25 years, making it an especially hot drop for fans this fall. As a way to sweeten that exclusivity, Microsoft is releasing Starfield Day One on Xbox Game Pass, which will make that monthly subscription even more worth your while. You can get Xbox Game Pass for Console or PC for $9.99/month or a bundle deal with the Ultimate plan for $14.99/month.

This won’t be the first Bethesda game on GamePass — following their acquisition of Bethesda and ZeniMax in 2021, 20 Bethesda games were initially added to the Xbox Game Pass, with 10 more being added for a total of 30 now. Overall, Microsoft is really leaning into what exclusivity can mean for the platform and the ways in which they can tailor it to the Xbox fandom.

This summer’s Xbox Games Showcase included a Starfield Direct that was an in-depth look at the expansive Starfield universe. Though, while there’s plenty to be excited about, it’s tough to ignore the sizable elephant in the room — Microsoft’s effort to shoot for the stars and acquire Activision-Blizzard. The Starfield exclusivity is certainly stoking the fire, with the FTC stating Microsoft’s decision to “make ZeniMax games exclusive is powerful evidence” against the merger.

Regardless of the to merge or not to merge politics, we can’t wait to get our hands on Starfield and take a deep dive into the epic journey shaped by unparalleled freedom.” Starfield will be available on Xbox and PC on September 6, 2023. The Standard Edition of Starfield is available for pre-purchase for $69.99 on Steam and on Xbox.

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