Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Where to Find All 7 Gems for Objective 29

Need help finding the 7 gems in Kingdom Hearts 2.8? We got you covered!

Need help finding the 7 gems in Kingdom Hearts 2.8? We got you covered!

The second world you go to in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Fragmentary Passage is The World Within. This has many mirrors that lead you to different areas. One of the mirrors leads you into a fragmented mine area from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

Objective 29, Gem Gatherer, involves picking up 7 gems while in this mining area. Some of them are easy to miss, so I’m going to explain how to get all of them.

How to get the 7 Gems in The World Within

  • Gem 1 — This one is to the left of the first mirror you come across in the mine area.
    • It is located on a rock.
  • Gem 2 — This one is located to the left of the second mirror you come across in the mine area.
    • After you interact with the first mirror, it forms a platform that you can jump to. The second mirror is on the next platform.
  • Gem 3 — This one is located on a low platform by using the second mirror.

kingdom hearts 2.8 how to find all 7 gems

    • Look in the second mirror to see a platform going up and down. When you see it reach the very bottom, examine to stop it there.
    • Go across the platform to get this gem.
  • Gem 4 — This one is located in a group of boxes after the long path past mirror 2.
    • Interact with the second mirror when the platform is raised so you can jump to the next area.
    • Destroy any group of boxes you see and you’ll find the gem.
  • Gem 5 — This one is located in the area after the 3rd mirror puzzle where you fight heartless. As soon as you reach the next platform, you’ll find it in boxes to your left.
    • This puzzle involves 3 moving platforms, where 2 of them have markings on them
    • If you line up those two platforms to complete a star, you will be able to reach the next area, and complete objective 30 while you’re at it.
  • Gem 6 — In the same area as Gem 5, go to the right when you get there instead of left.
    • You will find the gem on a rock near a pillar.
  • Gem 7 — This is the trickiest one to get. The final mirror puzzle has 2 sides and involves a revolving ramp.

kingdom hearts 2.8 how to find all 7 gems

    • If you go to the opposite side, where the exit is, you will notice a shiny gem to the left of the mirror
    • You must interact with the mirror when the ramp is over the gem so you can run up and take it.

That’s how you get all 7 gems for Objective 29, Gem Gatherer, in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below! If you need help with any others, check out our guide on all of the objectives.

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