Kirby Triple Deluxe Guide: Level 1-4 Keychain and Sun Stone Locations

Check this guide out for all of the keychain and sun stone locations in level 1-4 of Kirby Triple Deluxe!
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Level 1-4 in Kirby Triple Deluxe has one of my favorite Kirby powers, Beetle Kirby. It is a ton of fun to use and it makes it easy to get around with its flying ability. Plus, it’s just fun dashing at enemies and impaling them with your horn. This level has a secret area that I found just by dashing with the beetle horn.

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There are three keychains, one rare keychain, and three sunstones in this level. I’ll cover each location, including where they are and what to do when you get there.

This guide will go over every keychain and sun stone location in level 1-4 including:

  • Keychain Locations – Each location and how to get there.
  • Sun Stone Locations – Each location and how to get there.
1st Keychain Location
  • This is in the area after the beetle mini-boss.
  • Go right until you see a normal beetle enemy.
  • It is to the left in grass you must cut.

1st Sun Stone Location
  • Shortly after the first keychain
  • Grab the key you see to the right, continue to the first warp star.
  • Take it to the background, then bring the key to the left to unlock the sun stone.

2nd Keychain Location (Rare)
  • This is to the right of the door after the first sun stone.
  • It looks like a wall, but if you just keep going right, you’ll walk past it and into a secret area with the rare keychain.

3rd Keychain Location
  • This is in the area right after the hidden rare keychain.
  • Keep going right until you see the ledge the keychain is on. There are spike enemies circling it.

2nd Sun Stone Location
  • It is after getting to the background after the third keychain.
  • Take the warp star to the middle of the foreground and you’ll see it.

4th Keychain Location
  • This is in the area that you have to tilt the 3DS to cross gaps.
  • After the second gap, head to the ladder to the left.
  • Ground pound the area under the ladder until it breaks. The key chain is underneath.

3rd Sun Stone Location
  • It is shortly after the fourth keychain.
  • After going up the ladder and crossing two gaps, drop down on the far right.

That’s all the keychain and sun stone locations in level 1-4. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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