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Last Epoch Mastery Tier List: Best Masteries, Ranked

Find out the best masteries in Last Epoch here so you can choose the right ones for your class and playstyle.

Last Epoch has five classes to choose from, but the decision-making doesn’t stop there. You’ll have to pick a mastery for your class once you get about two hours into the game. And you can’t change them once you select them. Here, I’ve listed the best masteries in Last Epoch.

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What are the Best Masteries in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch currently has 13 masteries, with two more on the way after 1.0 launch. You pick your class Mastery once you reach the end of time in-game. It took me roughly two hours or so to get there, so it’s not too far into your adventure. Notably, the mastery you pick is permanent for your character, so you’ll want to choose wisely. Here’s a tier list of all masteries ranked in LE.

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S-Tier Last Epoch Masteries


The Druid is a Primalist Mastery and can take on the form of a Swarmblade, a Spriggan, or a Werebear. Each transformation has unique buffs and abilities, and the ability to shapeshift is simply a good time. The Druid specialty has passive abilities that support and improve your transformations.


The Lich is an Acolyte mastery and focuses on the ability to gain more power at the cost of your health. However, the passives balance this out, offering you vitality wards, and you can steal health from enemies with the Leech ability. Moreover, you have the unique Reaper Form, where you can transform into a Reaper, and upon death, you transform back into a human with full health.


The Necromancer is an Acolyte mastery perfect for those who enjoy the minions in the Acolyte class. This mastery focuses on summoning more powerful minions like a Skeletal Mage, and Dread Shade. The class option is powerful enough to become a one-person army.


The Paladin is a Sentinel mastery that brings healing to the table. This mastery summons the power of light to empower the Paladin’s health and take down hordes of enemies with holy fire. This mastery is also great for multiplayer because you can heal your allies, too.

A-Tier Last Epoch Masteries


The Sorcerer is a Mage mastery that’s ideal for those who like to keep their distance. You’ll continue on the path of utilizing the elements to wreak havoc on your enemies. You’ll also gain access to the crowd control ability Black Hole, and Arcane Ascendance so you can maintain that distance you need to win a fight.


Bladedancer is a Rogue mastery perfect for more slashy-slashy action. You’ll gain abilities that bring the shadows to fight alongside you. The best of the bunch is Lethal Mirage, where you can become immune for a duration of time and rapidly strike nearby targets with six mirages. Synchronized Strike is good, too, where you dash forward and summon shadows to fight with you.

Void Knight

The Void Knight is a Sentinel mastery that brings void magic to your abilities. You’ll deal with Void damage and utilize magic abilities to enhance your melee combat. Most notably, Echoes create duplicates of your attacks. For example, Abyssal Echoes is a nova that echoes from up to eight enemies it reaches and applies abyssal decay. 

B-Tier Last Epoch Masteries


The Marksman is a mastery for the Rogue class. This specialty is ideal for Rogues who like to keep their distance. You’ll gain access to enhanced range abilities like the AoE attack Hail of Arrows and the explosive Lightning attack, Detonating Arrow.


The Beastmaster is a Primalist mastery that leans further into companion summoning. Most Mastery abilities bring a new companion, so it’s perfect for players who want a friend to fight alongside. You’ll gain the ability to summon a Bear, Scorpion, Sabertooth, Raptor, and Frenzy Totem. Each companion brings a unique advantage, and the Beastmaster can have two summoned at once.

C-Tier Last Epoch Masteries


The Shaman is a Primalist mastery with a heavy focus spells. You’ll gain abilities like Summon Storm Totem, Earthquake, and Tornado. The Shaman’s skill tree is considered underwhelming because it doesn’t strengthen the totems to end-game expectations, and you might struggle to maintain strength in solo runs.


The Spellblade is a Mage mastery that focuses on close-range combat. You’ll gain a magical sword with Enchant Weapon, and you can shield yourself with wards. However, the end-game builds lack diversity because most of the Mage’s base abilities don’t support melee damage, while Spellblade depends on them. The mastery offers a unique take on the Mage class, but the end game isn’t for everyone.

Forge Guard

The Forge Guard is a Sentiel mastery that strengthens your armor and melee abilities. You’ll gain abilities like Shield Throw, Manifest Armor, and Ring of Shields. The Forge Guard has the potential to be a formidable opponent, but its skill tree isn’t for everyone. This specialty just simply doesn’t compare to Void Knight or Paladin when it comes to damage or balance.

That’s the Last Epoch Mastery Tier List: Best Masteries Ranked. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub for more tips and tricks, such as my best classes tier list.

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