Looking to increase your collection of gross rat sketches by a complete madman? You've come to the right place.

Layers Of Fear rat drawings location guide

Looking to increase your collection of gross rat sketches by a complete madman? You've come to the right place.

For a game bent on providing a hyper-focused and minimalist experience to ratchet up the scare factor, Layers Of Fear actually has a quite a few collectibles to pick up for the gamers who just have to explore every last inch of digital space.

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In this case, those two opposing sides meet in the middle, as grabbing more of the collectibles leads to more revelations about the painter’s state of mind and what happened to his family. The ending can even change depending on how much you discover and what actions you take.

Below we’ve listed out the location of all 16 crazy rat drawings the painter scribbled out during his fevered nightmares. For more help in completing this excellent indie horror game, you may also be interested in:

Chapter 1

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #1

After grabbing the ring in the locked chest, you’ll head into the room with the fireplace and a weird doll hanging upside down. Go up and look at the doll to drop down into the basement. Head towards the only candle burning in the darkness to find the rat drawing inside the broken segment of wall.

Rat Drawing 1

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #2

In the next fireplace room with the overturned chair and a large portrait above the fireplace, turn to the right and open the desk that has a small bronze statue. The drawing is on the left side of the drawer underneath a rattle.

Rat Drawing 2

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #3

After traveling through the candlelit hallway into the kitchen, turn to the right and open the metal shelves up above the stove. The rat drawing is taped to the back side of the open door.

Chapter 2

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #4

In the bed room with the record player (before the room goes crazy with the black gunk) open the desk drawer underneath the mirror and rattle to find the fourth rat drawing.

Rat Drawing 4

Chapter 3

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #5

In the hallway immediately after leaving the room with the constantly changing painting, turn to the left at the intersection towards the door that’s chained closed. The drawing is found on the floor behind the potted plants to the right.

Rat Drawing 5

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #6

Not too long after the previous drawing, you will come across a room where the piano is covered in chains. In the dark room just after the piano, open the closet door on the side and interact with the hanging jacket to find the next drawing.

Rat Drawing 6

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #7

After the hallway where you turn around and walk the other way when you hear the sound of the phone ringing backwards, go into the dining room with the blood stain across the floor. This rat drawing is stuck to the table with a fork.

Rat Drawing 7

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #8

In the hallway where you have to move the wood palette to get through, turn and go through the door to the left just before the palette obstacle to enter the bathroom. This drawing is pinned to the chest of the doll that floats up out of the water inside the tub.

Rat Drawing 8

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #9

Later in the hallway where the doors have metal latches on the outside, go into the last doorway on the right side and immediately turn to the right. Open the drawer just above the wood palette to find the next rat drawing.

Rat Drawing 9

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #10

Shortly after the previous drawing you will head down into the basement with the piano. Turn to the right before the piano alcove and walk around the main room until reaching a candelabra you can light. The tenth drawing is hanging from the ceiling above the small table near the candles.

Rat Drawing 10

Chapter 4

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #11

In the room after finding the baby shoes (slightly after walking through the rooms with the child’s drawings all over the walls) you will find a nightstand. Open the left drawer and then open the right drawer, which will actually smash the mirror on the nightstand. The drawing is hidden behind the shattered black glass.

Rat Drawing 11

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #12

In the nursery room with the spinning light show, look on the shelf with the bears to pick up this rat drawing.

Drawing 12

Chapter 5

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #13

After the room with the cat/dog/rat drawing puzzle, go down the hallway towards the section of floor that’s on fire. Stand there and wait for the beams to fall down, then wait a few seconds and spin in a circle repeatedly until a secret hallway appears to the left. Walk down that hallway past the paintings that disappear into another room. The rat drawing is found in the far right, bottom drawer.

Rat Drawing 13

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #14

In a ruined room with wood paneling, turn to the right and you will see the drawing behind a broken board on the wall.

Rat Drawing 14

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #15

At the intersection room again, turn right just before the lamp and walk into the room with the painting and easel facing towards the wall. You can find the drawing sticking out of the back side of the easel and facing towards the door.

Rat Drawing 15

Chapter 6

Layers Of Fear Rat Drawing #16

Following the Ouija board puzzle you will head into the upscale hallway with the wheelchair and the bronze busts. In the next room with the broken walls and the black draped silk, turn to the left and find the final drawing hidden behind a broken wood segment.

Rat Drawing 16

After grabbing drawing #16 you’ll be rewarded with the “You Might Have A Problem” achievement as you’ve collected a whole scrap book’s worth of insane and demented scribblings. Way to go!

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