League of Legends Beginners Guide: A Team Member’s Manifesto

This League of Legends beginners' guide offers tips that will turn you into a team player other gamers want to play with and a league legend.
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With over a million current players, League of Legends is one of the most popular and fast-paced, competitive online video games in the world. Blending aspects of both an RTS and RPG, success in Legends requires more teamwork than similar video games in the MOBA genre, which makes it unique.

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In League of Legends, two teams of powerful champions, each with a specific design and gameplay styles, battle head-to-head on multiple fields of battle and gameplay modes. Beginner players need to make good team decisions and increase their knowledge of the game and how-to-play to win and become one of the most successful and sought after team members. 

This League of Legends beginners’ guide helps first-time, and even experienced players, learn a little more about playing their favorite video game. Using this guide you can learn the basics of becoming a desired player other teams would like to add to their roster.  

Below, we talk about being a team player and other points beginning players need to think about while playing League of Legends. We also give tips on both gameplay and becoming a league legend.

In future articles we’ll talk about the items you can buy in the Item Shop, character statistics (what they mean), the different minions that will support your team in battle and the full list of League of Legend skins.

First-time players can sign up and download the game from the official League of Legends website. It’s a good idea for beginning players to play against an AI until at least level 5. We also suggest you spend time on the game forums and read the New Player Guide and Game Info links on the signup page.

The game forum has a Basic Game Mechanics Guides, links to other guides written by veteran players and video tutorials to help beginning League of Legends players learn some of the basics. 

Teamwork rules  

My first attempts at playing League of Legends were a total failure because I didn’t understand the need for team play to succeed. Playing mostly with friends and people I knew and just listening to their advice just wasn’t working. I just kept getting killed and wasn’t learning how to succeed playing this video game. Two years of playing and thinking about the difference between beginner players and successful veterans has taught me that teamwork is the difference.

All players make mistakes 

League of Legends is an extremely competitive video game and all players make mistakes. Veteran players consistently think about the mistakes they make and how they can make the team better. Beginning players head into battle without thinking or making a logical plan of action for the team. Deciding to carry out a consistent plan of action allows a team to learn as it make mistakes and helps players evolve their game abilities until they’re competitive and win more often.

League of Legends players and teams that pay attention to mistakes they make and patterns during game play resulting in dying improve quicker. Recognizing mistakes and evolving team strategy is the key to winning more often and becoming a top competitor. Thinking in reverse and reflecting on errors gives a team and its players the ability to change bad habits and learn the strategies competitive teams use consistently to win.

Did you use everything available to help the team succeed? Will different spells give you a better chance of winning? Will using spells in a different order make the team more competitive at League of Legends? Thinking about these questions as you make decisions to evolve the way you play, can take a team all the way to the top of the rankings.

Control your emotions and succeed more often 

Playing League of Legends is frustrating at times for both beginning and veteran players. People leave for all kinds of reasons and there’s nothing you can do about this. Veteran and winning teams learn to control their emotions during these moments, which means they’re focused for the next battle. 

Learning to control the way you respond and thinking analytically during these frustrating moments is key to improving as a player and team.   

Teammates should help one another 

While playing League of Legends, I have witnessed both teams and players turn into raving lunatics, raging about fellow team members making mistakes. This will ruin your attitude and destroy the fun for the team.  

When this happens, it’s time to take a break, and think about the way you’re acting. Rage directed toward another team member usually makes the player and team play worse. 

Deciding to control your reaction to mistakes made by fellow team members makes playing this video game both more fun and the team win more often. Instead, reach out to fellow team members and help them get their head back into the action. This choice improves their gameplay, lifts their spirits and helps them make better decisions. This choice has allowed me to reach diamond and it will help you achieve this goal. 

League of Legend tips to win more often:
  • The decisions of a successful League of Legends team aren’t random. Pay attention to the competitions gameplay and tactics. This allows you to change your decisions to take advantage of their bad habits.  

  • Watch replays of your team playing League of Legends. This allows you to think of different ways to play the same situation. It also allows you to learn why the team lost and change decisions into a winning solution.  

  • Make sure you place wards in the most effective places, like bushes. You also need to pay attention to a ward’s timer to know when the team is about to be vulnerable to attack.
  • Confidence in League of Legends comes from planning and knowing the limits of the team and its members. Once the team understands the limits of its members and strategy, it’s more confident; and this leads to more wins.  

  • Once you have taken an objective, get aggressive and look for other objectives to take. Keep the pressure on an opponent. If they become less aggressive, start looking for ways to take advantage of the moment.
  • Stay behind bushes and minions. Enemies can’t see behind bushes and minions will help protect you from cast spells.
  • Turrets attack enemies and minions. They don’t attack the enemies you damage. They’ll only attack enemy champions when you or one of your team members is damaged. 
  • Formulate different builds for each lane and strategies for the various enemies you face. Experimenting with different runes, masteries and styles of gameplay will make you more successful.
  • Talk out loud to yourself as you play League of Legends. This helps keep you focused on the gameplay and thinking about different strategies and mistakes you make and how to correct them.
  • Once you find a champion you prefer to play with, use it all the time instead of using a different one all the time. 
  • Experiment with different key bindings and use Smart Cast. Smart Cast is a concept that allows you to cast spells using only one key while playing a video game instead of two (select an ability, then select target).
  • Avoid chasing an enemy into a bush because enemies have an advantage fighting when they control vision. 
  • Learn to keep an eye on the map. This way you’ll always know where the enemy is, what you need to do, and where to go.
  • League of Legends is an online video game of ups and downs. Don’t give up the battle if your team has lost momentum and is behind. Persevere and you can turn the tide and win.
  • Don’t underestimate your opponent. Always be on your guard and expect an attack. This is part of respecting your opponent. 
  • Stay close to team members until you have more experience playing this video game. 

Use the ideas offered above and you’ll become a League of Legends player other teams fear and want on their roster. Remember to trust your teammates and understand your opponent and you’ll win.

Just have fun playing and one day you’ll be a league legend. 

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