LEGO Marvel's Avengers has over a hundred characters to find and unlock! Find out how here!

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers: Character Unlock Guide

LEGO Marvel's Avengers has over a hundred characters to find and unlock! Find out how here!

LEGO games have always been heavy on options and unlocks, but this time, they have really outdone themselves – LEGO’s Marvel Avengers has over a hundred unique characters to unlock, including, of course, all the fan favorites from the films, but also featuring some really obscure, interesting, and jokey side characters, if you’re willing to hunt for them. It would be way too difficult to list all of the characters you can find in LEGO’s Marvel Avengers, but here’s a quick and dirty guide to the characters that are a little harder to find:

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Note: You still need studs to unlock characters once you’ve found their tokens, and some (like Ultron and Loki) of them are pricey. Make sure you’re racking up those modifiers and saving for the heroes you want!

Character Unlocks (by hub)

All non-story characters are unlocked in free-play at the game’s major hubs. Tokens unlocked through missions involve finding or speaking to the character in question and performing a quest for them (this often involves taking selfies). They’re usually not too challenging, but they can sometimes be tricky to pull off. Discovered tokens are often locked behind a puzzle or hidden away from the main part of the zone. Make sure you’re checking everywhere!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Base (Missions)

Agent Stillwell, Hazmat, Human Torch (Original), M.O.D.O.K.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Base (Discovery)

Chase, Firebird, Korvac, Ragnarok, Union Jack

South Africa (Missions)

Echo, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), The Other, Ulysses Klaue, White Tiger

South Africa (Discovery)

Black Goliath, Grandmaster, Moondragon, Nebula, Tigra

Barton’s Farm (Missions)

Butterball, Gorilla Girl, Mantis, Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur, Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable)

Barton’s Farm (Discovery)

Cottonmouth, Egghead, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Laura Barton

Sokovia (Missions)

A-Bomb, Crimson Dynamo, Gargoyle, Hulkling, Extremis Soldier

Sokovia (Discovery)

Bengal, Demolition Man, Ronin (Blade), Spitfire, X-Ray

Washington D.C. (Missions)

Arnim Zola (Classic), Blazing Skull, Bucky Barnes (Classic), Captain Britain, Crystal, Nova

Washington D.C. (Discovery)

Captain America (Sam Wilson), Diamondback, Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers), Wizard

Malibu (Missions)

Amadeus Cho, Happy Hogan, Justin Hammer, The Mandarin (Trevor Slattery), Rescue

Malibu (Discovery)

A.I.M. Agent, Iron Man (MK1), Iron Man (MK5), Iron Man (MK17-Heartbreaker), Iron Monger

Asgard (Missions)

Beta-Ray Bill, Dark Elf, Lorelei, Thor Girl, Valkyrie, Odin

Asgard (Discovery)

Arkon, Laufey, Mighty Destroyer, Thor (Jane Foster)

Manhattan Character Unlocks

Manhattan is like a super-hub, and it has individual zones with characters to be found and unlocked in each. Here’s a detailed list:

Note: The Peggy Carter missions need to be completed in a certain order.

Financial District: She-Hulk, Cloud 9, Red She-Hulk (8th Peggy Carter mission)

Times Square: Dr. Strange, Taskmaster, Iron Man (MK38 – Igor) (7th Peggy Carter mission), Speed

China Town: Ronan the Accuser, Beth the Waitress, Iron Fist, Fin Fang Foom, Squirrel Girl (Classic. 1st Peggy Carter mission)

Residential District: Jewel (Jessica Jones), Finesse (2nd Peggy Carter mission), Hellcat (5th Peggy Carter mission), Striker (9th Peggy Carter mission)

Central Park: Veil, Lou Ferrigno, Reptil, Iron Man (MK33 – Silver Centurion), Ant-Man (Classic)

Industrial District: Destroyer, Daredevil, Jack of Hearts, Blue Marvel (4th Peggy Carter mission), Lightspeed (6th Peggy Carter mission)

Slums: Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Iron Man (MK40), Agent Carter (Retired) (10th Peggy Carter Mission)

Forest: Grim Reaper, Superior Iron Man, Swordsman, Wiccan, Trauma (3rd Peggy Carter mission), Death Locket

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Mockingbird, Iron Man (MK25), Doctor Helen Cho, The Protector

Unlocking Stan Lee, Excelsior Stan, Iron Stan, and Stanbuster

Unlocking Stan Lee (and his transformations) is the work of the entire game, and requires you to rescue every Stan Lee in peril. Keep a look out for Stans as you are exploring, and be thorough! There are a lot!

Stay tuned for more guides and tips to LEGO: Marvel Avengers.

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