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Lethal Company Controls Guide: All Keybinds Listed

The list of Lethal Company controls is short and sweet, just enough for a great asset, such as yourself.

I know co-op horror games are all the rage right now, but some oozing their way through Early Access on Steam are really something special. If you’re new to the game, here’s a short breakdown of all Lethal Company controls so you don’t feel pangs of panic from anything other than monsters.

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What Are the Controls and Keybinds in Lethal Company?

When you first load onto the ship, or even at the main menu, you probably opened up your settings to mess with your voice settings and take a peek at the controls. There are no controls listed, though. They’re not even on those papers on the clipboard you’re meant to read as a new player. Lethal Company keybinds are shown at the top right of the screen, when the prompts are appropriate, anyway.

Lethal Company All Controls List

  • Interact/Grab: E
  • Drop item: G
  • Scroll through held items: Mouse wheel
  • Special item use (like walkie talkie): Q
  • Use item in hand (Flashlight, weapons): Left-click
  • Scan the vicinity: Right-click
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Inspect note: Z
  • Dance: 1
  • Point: 2
  • Move furniture on ship: B
  • Rotate furniture while holding it: R
  • Store furniture while holding it: X

Luckily, Lethal Company‘s controls are as simple as can be. The creatures you encounter might be lethal, but the controls are anything but. With these few inputs, you can be a great asset. If you’re playing with a controller, check out my Lethal Company controller bindings guide instead. The game has some good controller support.

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Lethal Company Controls Tips

Really, the Lethal Company keybinds are that simple. There are, of course, some intricacies to note. I’ll go over a small handful of them below:

  • You can keep your flashlight on even after swapping to another item. However, you need to swap back to it to click and turn it off.
  • Scrolling through your items with the mouse wheel is reversed. Scrolling down moves up on the list, and scrolling down goes down on the list.
  • You can dance with an item in your hand, small or large. Be sure to always dance when there’s a delivery coming in!
  • Scan your vicinity constantly, whether in the dark or otherwise. It will pick up monsters and items in front of you alike and give some slight vision in the dark. Spam that scan.

Can You Change Your Keybindings in Lethal Company?

At the time of writing, you can’t change any of your keybindings in the game by default. But there are some mods that can help with binding accessibility, like MikesTweaks and ItemQuickSwitch. Hopefully the keybind options will come in a later patch.

That’s it for all the Lethal Company controls. Despite the simple control scheme, this game is anything but forgiving. You have a lot more to worry about than how to use your character. Look for more Lethal Company guides on GameSkinny.

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