Lightning Returns Guide: The Holy Clavis (Grendel Or Parandus Fight)

Want to make sure you're ready for the Grendel fight? Here's a guide that gives you the basics of the fight and what to watch for.

Whether you fight Grendel or Parandus is dependent on when you do The Holy Clavis. The only difference between the two is that Parandus is stronger than Grendel. Compared to other fights this one seems a lot easier.

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Preparations For The Battle:

You’ll want to set up a tank Schemata with the Passion Rouge garb. This boss specializes in status ailments, so grabbing a lot of status resist items would be a safe option. You’ll want to exploit the Wind weakness by equipping several Wind based abilities. Grab Imperil and Slow as well, and an Enaero Potion is definitely a plus.


Grendel uses a barrier that heavily protects it from magic and physical damage. To remove this barrier stagger Grendel. Once staggered pop your Enaero Potion and attempt the additional stagger to disable Grendel for a time.

Make sure to use Guard against Hellkraft and Shadow Clan (Gloria Mundi if you fight Parandus). Both of these attacks will have devastating effects if they go through. Finally watch for Seance. When this ability starts put everything you have into trying to stagger Grendel. The additional buffs will greatly increase the difficulty of the fight. One last thing of note, Breath of Rancor adds a poison debuff.

This wraps up the Grendel fight for Dead Dunes 4-5 The Holy Clavis. For more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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