Start your limax-murdering rampages off right with these tips. beginner’s tips guide for the new limax

Start your limax-murdering rampages off right with these tips. is fairly new and is climbing the ranks among the waves of other .io games flooding the internet, but if you’re used to the more relaxed options like, you may be in for a rough time.

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Like some prime .io games, is a hyper-aggressive game despite its simple looks. It’s got some nice, welcoming graphics, but the nature of the game itself is downright mean. Players can gib you with little to no warning, and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can seem unfair. How do the hitboxes work? How can other players just kill you with no warning? So many questions that are generally only answered by trying the game time and time again.

It doesn’t take long to get use to Limax, but it takes effort and a real bloodlust to do well at it. Thirst for the blood of your enemies, or they’re going to feast on you. But if you’re brand new, these tips will hopefully help ease you into the cutthroat game that is without getting too frustrated.

“Traps” simply means your trail

Just to clarify, since the website is not totally clear, most often what’s referred to as “boosting” in some other .io games will be referred to as “laying traps” in this guide.

The trail you leave on the ground is what the game refers to as traps.

Aggression is king

Unlike some other .io games, demands you be hyper-aggressive to succeed. Your first few runs may be confusing because it seems like other players can take you out without any thought, but they probably know that the only way to survive and thrive in Limax is to aggressively go after other players.

You may be used to‘s gameplay, in which your tail is your primary weapon. That is not the case here, as you will only do damage when you decide to lay down your traps.

You can ram into other players from any direction

If you haven’t figured this one out yourself yet, you’re in for a treat. Have you noticed other players can kill you by speeding through your body from behind, the side, and even from the front? If so, what’s happening is they are spreading their trail (the game refers to them as “traps”) through your body, which kills you and often feeds whoever does it instantly.

This is something you need to for both Mass and Kill modes, but especially for Kill mode. Because Kill mode is even more cutthroat than Mass, you have to learn to gauge when you can safely start speeding around and laying your traps.

If you don’t think another player is going to start  laying its traps when you come by, just boost right into their face

Pretty much exactly what the big letters say! If you think someone is going to be passive, just boost right into their face to instantly kill and eat them.

I’m on the left. Notice I started laying traps right as I got close to the other player’s face.

The best defense is a good offense.

If you think another player has their eye on you, whether they are behind or in front, just turn and lay some traps to keep them off your butt.

You lose a ton of mass when you lay traps

Do not start speeding around laying traps unless you are either trying to deter other players from going after you or are trying to take one out. Laying traps saps your mass like crazy, and you’ll find yourself getting small in no time if you just speed around the map. Use your mass wisely and only lay traps when needed.

Choose the same server as your friends to play together

Since lets players choose their server, you and your friends can easily join the same server and dominate.

Servers are separated by region (North America and Europe at the time of writing), and there are different modes and server selections between them.

Simply decide on a region and server, make sure both you and your friends click both, then start to play.

You can only see special skins when your graphical quality is set to high

Pretty self-explanatory. If you choose one of the special skins for a theme, you won’t be able to see its details unless you have the visuals set at high quality.

Also, remember that only you can see the theme you have set. Themes only set the way you see the game and do not affect which server you’re on nor what other players see, though they can see your skin relative to the theme they are using.

And that concludes our tips for! The game is still in alpha at the time of writing, but it shows a lot of promise thanks to its high quality compared to other newer .io games and the sheer aggression of the gameplay. It just takes time and effort to get the gameplay down to do well, and hopefully you’ll be doing just that soon enough.

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