Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — Can You Move Items After Building Them?

If you place furniture too close to something else, can you move it in LotR: Return to Moria?

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Centered on crafting, the latest adventure in the Tolkien universe is about surviving in the harsh labyrinth under Middle Earth. You’ll unlock new furniture and crafters as you play, so you may be wondering: Can you move items after building them in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria?

Moving Built Items in Return to Moria, Explained

Similar to Don’t Starve, once you build and place an item in Return to Moria, there’s no way to move it. Each time you craft a piece of furniture, you must think about its placement carefully.

A good tip to keep in mind is to always leave space for more advanced crafters or the rarer items you’ll unlock later in the game when building and placing anything. For those who like having their camps set up a specific way, this will be doubly important — and potentially frustrating.

I discovered this mechanic the hard way when I built my Bellows too close to my Forge and Furnace. Unfortunately, they were also in the same line as my Stove. Now, I can barely move crafters around. Neither can I reach a chest on the opposite side of them when I’m in that camp. But there’s a way around it!

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How to Destroy Items in Return to Moria

Thankfully, there’s a way to move items once they’re built. Well, technically. Destroying an item through the Build menu returns the material used to build it. It also removes the item from your camp. While more cumbersome than a simple moving tool, this is one way to rearrange items that aren’t aligned properly, are too close together, or are too far away from your chests where you want them to be.

However, I can confirm that this only works on items you build. It doesn’t work on things you repair that were previously ruined. For all other items, you’ll need to destroy them as you would any Goblin camp or debris. I typically employ my pickaxe for things I want to break down. But some will go faster if you use an axe.

That’s what there is to know about being able to move items you’ve built after you place them in Return to Moria. While this quality-of-life feature would be a great addition for future updates, knowing how much space you need between items goes a long way to being able to navigate your camp smoothly. For more tips and tricks, head to our guides hub for assistance.

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