Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen: How to Beat Gentle Gaverus

Here's how to beat Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds, in Lords of the Fallen.

Gentle Gaverus is one of Lords of the Fallen‘s earliest bosses. Showing up several hours into the adventure, it’s easy to start getting comfortable. While this encounter isn’t as complex as the previous bosses in terms of moveset, it can be deadly if you’re not paying attention. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to beat Gentle Gaverus in Lords of the Fallen.

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How to Beat Gentle Gaverus in Lords of the Fallen

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Thankfully, Gentle Gaverus only has one phase with a handful of moves and abilities. As with Pieta, Gentle Gaverus’ major attacks deal holy damage. However, her hounds deal physical damage. Because of this, you might want to equip gear with high holy and physical damage mitigation. Gentle Gaverus features a measly health pool offset by her hounds and damage-dealing capabilities.

The fight begins with a few hounds populating the boss arena. We recommend eliminating all of the hounds first. Only initiate a few strikes in a row so that you have the time to dodge Gentle Gaverus’ arrows. Unlike other similar bosses in gaming, we never witnessed Gentle Gaverus summoning further companions. With the hounds out of the way, it’s time to focus entirely on the main event.

Gentle Gaverus alternates between two sets of ranged attacks via her holy-infused arrows. One set of attacks comes out far more quickly while she’s on the move. During this stage, we advise you to continue dodging. If you attempt to close the gap while she’s on the move, Gentle Gaverus can easily react, dealing a decent amount of damage.

Mind Your Positioning

Instead of constantly rushing in, keep your distance until Gentle Gaverus kneels down and plants her massive bow into the ground. She starts charging up a much more powerful arrow, which provides enough opportunity to attack her before she gets up again. You’ll be safe as long as you’re behind her or toward her sides. The charged arrow shot does not have any homing properties.

Continue this process of dodging her normal ranged attacks and closing in while she charges her arrow shot until she’s dead. Be extremely careful with your positioning while wailing away at her. Although her pattern is simple to recognize, the charged arrow shot deals a lot of damage if it does manage to connect.

Now you know how to beat Gentle Gaverus in Lords of the Fallen. For additional Lords of the Fallen coverage, head over to our growing guides hub here on GameSkinny.

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