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Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Deralium Fragments and Nuggets

Start upgrading weapons for the road ahead. Here's how to get Deralium Fragments and Nuggets in LotF.

As an action RPG, Lords of the Fallen expectedly features a weapon upgrade system. After unlocking the weapon upgrade shop, progression has only just begin. You’ll also have to acquire the necessary materials. Our guide will tell you how to find the Deralium Fragments and Nuggets needed to become stronger.

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How to Get Deralium Fragments and Deralium Nuggets

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, Deralium Fragments and Deralium Nuggets do not have very specific means of acquisition. Considered a relatively common resource, these crafting materials can be obtained through two main methods: exploration and general combat.

As far as combat is concerned, Deralium Fragments can appear as drops from some of the standard enemies such as the masked or helmet-wearing soldier-type foes. Some tougher enemies can drop Fragments. You can always consume the Lucky Paw to increase item drop rates.

Deralium Fragments and Deralium Nuggets can also sometimes be found in chests scattered around the game world. However, Deralium Nuggets are much more difficult to come by. We most frequently found Deralium Nuggets at various interaction points across Mournstead. By interaction points, we’re referring to the glowing orbs laying on the ground. These orbs can be anything, including Deralium Nuggets or even a mimic enemy.

You can also buy Deralium Fragments, Deralium Nuggets, and Deralium Shards from Thehk-Ihir once he appears at Skyrest. He’ll be standing right beside the staircase that leads up to Gerlinde’s shop.

Don’t forget that upgrading weapons is as simple as having the right materials. You’ll also have to have some spare Vigor on hand. This prevents you from spending all those experience points the moment they’re available. It’s wise to keep a couple thousand Vigor on your person at all times when visiting any shops — not just Gerlinde’s weapon shop.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Deralium Fragments and Nuggets. Now that you’re a little bit more capable, you may want to check out our other LotF guides here on GameSkinny.

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