Lords of the Fallen: How to Respec and Get Rebirth Chrysalis

Use extremely rare items known as Rebirth Chrysalis to respec your character in Lords of the Fallen.

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You can try various builds for your character in Lords of the Fallen. However, there are times when you might not be happy with how things are going, that you’d simply want to reallocate your skills. That’s the time you need an item called a Rebirth Chrysalis. Our guide discusses the how to get Rebirth Chrysalis so you can respec in Lords of the Fallen. Mind you, these items are quite rare.

How to Get Rebirth Chrysalis and Respec in Lords of the Fallen

As of the time of this writing, I’ve only found a couple of Rebirth Chrysalis items in the game:

  • One can be purchased from Molhu.
  • Another can be obtained after clearing the Fief of the Chill Curse zone.

If you have at least one, you can use the Lords of the Fallen respec mechanic by talking to Pieta in the Skyrest hub. Doing so allows you to reallocate all your stat points so you can test a different build. For instance, as someone who initially focused on Agility and Strength, I wanted to use Umbral magic. I had to respec my character’s stats so I could add more points into Radiance and Inferno, the two stats used for Umbral magic scaling.

How to Buy Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu

Molhu is a vendor NPC found in the Skyrest hub. You’ll see him off to the side of the vestige if you’re in the Umbral Realm. To buy a Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu, you need to acquire an item known as the Bowl of Revelations. This is found halfway through the Pilgrim’s Perch area after defeating Scourge Sister Delyth. You’ll eventually come across a ladder that seemingly leads to nowhere. However, you’ll also notice blue butterflies fluttering around.

If you switch to the Umbral Realm, you’ll realize that there’s solid ground below, but it’s also crawling with a lot of withered husk and moth enemies. Go ahead and soulflay the echo/stigma in the middle to receive the Bowl of Revelations. Then, give it to Molhu so you can purchase one Rebirth Chrysalis for 8,000 Vigor. This is the only one in his inventory, so try not to waste it.

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Where to Find the Rebirth Chrysalis in the Fief of the Chill Curse

I was also able to find another Lords of the Fallen Rebirth Chrysalis much later in the campaign in a zone called the Fief of the Chill Curse (i.e. the snow area). After clearing the entirety of the zone, including a battle against a Heresy-type boss, I noticed a pathway that looped back to the starting area.

However, to my left, I also saw an abandoned village with a central portion that’s blocked off by an Umbral Entity. When I went to the left, that’s where I was able to pick up a Rebirth Chrysalis. Note that the central area also has a Saintly Quintessence, which is used to upgrade your Sanguinarix flask.

In any case, that’s everything you need to know about how to respec and get Rebirth Chrysalis in Lords of the Fallen. Since we’re already talking about rare materials, you might want to know where to find Antediluvian Chisels to upgrade your Umbral Lamp. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our LotF guides hub.

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