Lords of the Fallen: How to Unlock Skyrest Hub Doors

Open all the inaccessible doors and gates in the Skyrest hub in Lords of the Fallen.

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The Lords of the Fallen Skyrest hub or Skyrest Bridge acts as your main headquarters for most of your adventures in Mournstead. You’ll find several NPCs that offer various functions in Mournstead, such as flask upgrades, lamp upgrades, and blacksmithing. However, you’ll also notice a couple of curious oddities nearby: two doors/gates that can’t be opened. Our guide discusses the how to unlock the Skyrest hub doors in Lords of the Fallen by way of the Skyrest Bridge Key.

How to Unlock Skyrest Hub Doors in Lords of the Fallen

To unlock the Skyrest hub doors in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll need to acquire the Skyrest Bridge Key. The item itself is in a well-hidden area in Pilgrim’s Perch, which is just past the cliffside path where you’ll meet Andreas of Ebb and Theihk-Ihr.

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Where to Find the Hidden Path

Continue along the mountainside until you reach the Sanctuary vestige waypoint. Tag it so you have a checkpoint where you can respawn in case of mishaps (of which there will be plenty). Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Go back to the main area and turn right. Climb down the two ladders to reach the lower section.
  • Continue along the wooden scaffolding and jump across the gap. Eventually, you’ll reach a lift.
  • I have to warn you that there are several enemies here that are hiding behind shelves or corners. My character got pushed to oblivion a few times, that I really felt frustrated whenever these incidents happened.

How to Find the Skyrest Bridge Key

Once you ride the lift to the top, you’ll be in the upper section of the mountainside. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Pick up the Icegrip tinct next to a ruined fountain. There’s a large door that can’t be opened yet since it requires the Skyrest Bridge Key.
  • Tag the Umbral Stigma along the right-hand side of the bridge.
  • Upon reaching the edge, you’ll see a glowing loot orb, but there’s no way to reach it normally.
  • To get the orb, you must hold your Umbral Lamp without switching to the Umbral Realm. Then, walk along the sinewy path until you’re above the platform. Once you disable the Umbral Lamp, you’ll fall down to safety. The loot itself is the Faithful Bludgeon weapon.
  • Switch to the Umbral Realm and cross the gap. At the back, you can climb a ladder to get the Crimson Rector Sword.
  • Follow the main path and pull the loot from the statue to get the Skyrest Bridge Key.
  • Head to the opposite side of the chasm and go to the right. You can pick up the Crimson Rector Shield and unlock the gate near Exacter Dunmire’s spot.
  • Also, I should note that two specters/grim reaper-type enemies will spawn in this area, so try to make it across quickly.

Skyrest Hub Loot

Back outside, head to the main section and unlock the door using the Skyrest Bridge Key. You’ll find yourself in the antechamber of the Skyrest hub. Here are the items that you can grab:

  • Pass through the metal gate by switching to the Umbral realm to find the Princess’ Sting amulet.
  • At the back of the large statue, you can open a chest to receive the Descrier Guide Armor Set.
  • At the top of the steps, you can interact with the Umbral Stigma to earn a couple of Umbral Scourings. There’s also a Tortured Prisoner NPC here, but we’ll talk about her later.
  • The double doors lead back to the main hub area with all the vendor NPCs.
  • There’s a side path that you can pass through while in the Umbral state. It takes you to a wooden scaffolding that has the Short Javelin throwing weapon.

Skyrest Hub Umbral Puzzle

If you’re in the Umbral state in the antechamber, you’ll notice several corrupted growths that can be interacted with. These will destroy the Umbral Entity that’s barring a niche above a ladder. Here’s where you’ll find them:

  • Near the ceiling close to the statue.
  • Along the top wall near the Umbral Entity and ladder.
  • Below the pit, where you’ll need to pull a platform and jump down to see it.

Use your Umbral Lamp to siphon/pull the tormented growths. Once the Umbral Entity has been destroyed, climb the ladder and pick up an item known as the Searing Accusation, an Inferno catalyst, You may also give it to the Tortured Prisoner, if you prefer.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to unlock the Skyrest hub doors in Lords of the Fallen. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our LotF guides hub.

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