Lords of the Fallen PC Bug and Error Tips

For all you PC gamers experiencing issues on Lords of the Fallen, here's some tips to help you get your game on.

For all you PC gamers experiencing issues on Lords of the Fallen, here's some tips to help you get your game on.

For those of you playing the new release Lords of the Fallen on PC, we at GameSkinny have heard about some bugs and errors keeping you from playing. So after some research, we found that the folks over at GamesErrors.com developed a patch to solve all these problems. I may be playing on the Xbox One but that doesn’t stop me from assisting PC players.

Here I’ll provide you the link to their patch along with their instructions to get your game working properly, so you can get Harkyn back on his journey.

Note: According to their site, the patch is said to work on any version of the game whether you bought it from Steam, downloaded it from a gaming site, or bought it from a gaming store–their patch is said to work.

Patch is said to cover issues such as:
  • Crashing: players reported random crashes when playing or starting
  • Freezing: like crashes but occurs atl oading screen or boss fights
  • Game Won’t Start: Steam interface error upon pressing “Play” in Steam to start the game
  • FPS Drops: encountering FPS Drops or unstable framerate
  • Game stopped working: opening the game, getting a black screen and then it crashes
  • D3DCompiler_43.dll missing error: you need to install the last version of DirectX
Fixing Lords of the Fallen Errors:

This is from their site

  • Extract the archive on your PC and open the patch “Lords of the Fallen Errors Fix Patch.exe” file
  • Select the folder where you installed the game. For Steam, the default installation folder of the game “C:Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Lords of the Fallen”
  • Select graphics card: AMD or Nvidia and click “Check.” The patch verifies if your GPU can run the game and if your drivers are up to date
  • From the “Errors” box on the right, select the errors you’re having that need to be fixed such as:
    • Fix Game Stopped Working
    • Fix Game Crashes
    • Fix Game Won’t Start
    • Fix FPS Drops
  • Click “Verify & Patch,” the patch will now verify the game files and patch those needed to fix the selected error. Wait until you see the “Successfully Patched” message before closing the menu.

Now go and enjoy playing Lords of the Fallen.

According to their website: If you are not sure how our patch works it’s simple: it verifies the game files and add[s] the required ones in order to fix the errors you selected.

If you have any problems with their patch, you can contact them here.

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