Follow our guide, if you want to know how to complete Tragedy Written in Stone quest in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: How to Complete Tragedy Written in Stone

Follow our guide, if you want to know how to complete Tragedy Written in Stone quest in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark players may come along a number of strange artifacts in the game that can serve as special quest items. Too bad these items don’t tell much about the secrets they are connected to, so it can be really tough to decipher their meaning. One such artifact is the Moss Journal that leads to the “Tragedy Written in Stone” quest.

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Our guide will explain how to complete Tragedy Written in Stone quest in Lost Ark. You need to be prepared to fight a number of enemies, as well as one big boss at the end. Follow all the steps listed below and soon you will be able to gain all the rewards from this secret quest.

How to Complete Tragedy Written in Stone in Lost Ark

Get the Moss-Covered Log

In order to start the “Tragedy Written in Stone” quest, players need to obtain the Moss-Covered Log, a mossy old journal, which drops from the ghosts of the Rethramis Border graveyard. Note that this is a very rare drop, so you’ll need to try over and over again until it finally drops.

Once the journal is obtained, you can start the quest. You will learn that this quest is connected to ghost haunting, which takes place in this area of the map.

You can open the journal and read it by pressing F5 or by clicking on the log icon next to the active quests list. You actually need to read the log, as this is one of the main prerequisites for completing the quest.

From the journal you will learn about the sad story of one named Eulone, who needs to be saved at the end of this quest.

Speak to the Gravekeeper

Now you need to collect more information about the event, so go to the opposite side of the graveyard, indicated by the marker on the map, and speak to the Gravekeeper Kendal.

He will tell you that there is a Eulone’s Coffin hidden somewhere on the graveyard with her ghost constantly creating unrest. At this point, you need to find the coffin.

Find Eulone’s Coffin

Travel to the northernmost part of the graveyard and seek out the last coffin on the platform with the statue, indicated by the map marker above.

Interact with the coffin to unlock the Eulone’s Epitaph, which will describe the events in more details, suggesting that Eulone’s soul needs to be released.

Right after that, a fight with five Graveyard Keepers will commence. This is not a hard fight, and if you managed to beat the ghosts earlier in this quest, then you’ll be able to defeat these enemies as well.

Defeat Vengeful Spirit

The final battle will commence on a smaller graveyard in the northwestern part of the map. This time the Vengeful Spirit boss will be much stronger.

It is a Level 15 boss with 3,487 HP, which needs to be depleted 3x times. This boss is immune to status effects, so keep the fight simple with ranged or melee physical attacks, and with enough pressure, it will be destroyed. Here are a few tips for this boss:

  • The best class to beat the spirit is Gunlancer. This tanky character can take on the Vengeful Spirit without any help.
  • The best engravings would be Combat Readiness and Master Brawler.
  • You can quickly deplete the HP meter with the following skills: Bash, Guardian’s Thunderbolt, and Counter Gunlance.

Once the spirit is defeated, you need to go back to Gravekeeper Kendal and tell him about the spirit. He will be glad to hear it and give you the following rewards:

  • 1x Secret Map
  • 17,000 XP
  • 1,560 Roster XP
  • 2,600 Silver

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