Find out about the exact location of Rovlen boss in Lost Ark, as well as how to defeat him with the help of this guide.

Lost Ark: How to Find & Defeat Rovlen

Find out about the exact location of Rovlen boss in Lost Ark, as well as how to defeat him with the help of this guide.
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Rovlen is one of the world bosses in Lost Ark. He has a rare chance of dropping Rovlen’s Tentacle, a special item, which can be mutated and consumed. This allows players to add progress to the Adventure Tome.

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Our guide will provide you with tips on how find and defeat Rovlen in Lost Ark. Note that this is a Level 25 boss, which can be really hard to take out on your own. But of course it’s up to you.

How to Find and Defeat Rovlen in Lost Ark

Rovlen can be located in the Bilbrin Forest area of the West Luterra continent. This tentacled boss resides in the grove, indicated by the blue circle on the map above, east of Grayhammer Mine.

Rovlen has over 1.5 million HP, which needs to be depleted 15x times the first time you fight him. A lot of damage is needed to kill this boss, so here are a few tips on how to actually beat him:

  • Rovlen’s attacks both physical and ranged are poisonous, so bring some poison healing or poison resistant items to the fight.
  • Once you deplete his HP meter the first time, he will create a shield surrounding and healing him. You need to cut all the tentacles outside of the shield to be able to destroy the shield and stop him from healing.
  • The best type of strategy against Rovlen is Dash attacks, which allow you to make quick powerful blows, and then retreat once you need to heal up. Repeat this until Rovlen is finally dead.

Rovlen Rewards

After finally slaying Rovlen, he will drop the world boss chest and some other items. The Rovlen chest contains:

  • 3x Epic Gear
  • 1x Epic Accessory
  • Secret Map
  • Eternity Essence
  • Rovlen Card

Besides the chest you will also get the following gear:

  • Magick Keeper Gloves
  • Tangled Aeon Necklace
  • Rovlen’s Tentacle

Rovlen’s Tentacle is a special boss item, which you can consume, but don’t do it right away. Let it mutate into Wriggling Tentacle Sashimi within the 30 minute period first, then right-click on it to consume it. 

Once consumed it adds progress to the Adventure Tome. But if you consume Rovlen’s Tentacle without waiting for it, then nothing will happen, and there is a big chance that Rovlen will not drop it the next time you decide to fight him.

Also, note that you will get all these rewards only during your first Rovlen kill, so don’t expect the same results each time.

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That’s everything you need to know on how to find and defeat Rovlen in Lost Ark. For more Lost Ark tips and tricks articles, please check out our dedicated hub page.

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