MapleStory M Guide: Potential and You

How to reroll your gear's Potential and get Occult Cubes for a higher Unique Potential chance in MapleStory M.

How to reroll your gear's Potential and get Occult Cubes for a higher Unique Potential chance in MapleStory M.

If you’ve gotten your hands on at least one piece of equipment ranked Epic or higher in MapleStory M, you may have a piece or two with Potential.

An item with Potential can have extra stats added to it, and you don’t have to settle for just any ol’ stats. Using consumables called Cubes, you can push a piece of equipment to have up to three extra stats, which you can reroll using further Cubes. It’s a grind, but you can do it.

Before reaching your equipment’s Potential

You are able to use gear’s potential as long as it is rated between Epic and Mythic. The colors for each rank is as follows:

  • Normal — Grey
  • Rare — Blue
  • Epic — Purple
  • Unique — Orange
  • Legendary — Green
  • Mythic — Red

The higher rank your piece of equipment is, the higher the stats its Potential can give.

You must first unlock an item’s Potential before you are able to access those extra stats. I’m not sure about the cost for other tiers of equipment, but for my latest Unique gloves, it cost 50,000 Mesos. 

You can unlock Potential via looking at the item’s details and tapping the button to unlock Potential at the bottom of the frame.

Rolling the Potential dice

Once you unlock your equipment’s Potential, you can see its extra stats and gauge whether they’re what you want.

Potential itself has a rank, with three ranks possible from Rare to Unique. The higher the rarity of the Potential itself, the better the stats. This is another factor to consider along with the rarity of the item.

Let’s say you’ve only got two Potential stats and you want three, or maybe you just don’t like the stats you’ve got. What do you do then? Get to rerolling via Cubes.

You can reroll your Potential using Black Cubes, Red Cubes, and Occult Cubes. This can be done under the Change Option tab in the Forge menu.

I am not sure how Black Cubes work as I haven’t had an opportunity to use them but there are a few tidbits I can share with you about Red and Occult Cubes.

  • Red Cubes can be used to reroll any tier of Potential, even Unique
  • The chances of getting Unique with Red Cubes is very low, but it is possible
  • You can reroll using 100 Occult Cubes, and you are able to get up to a Unique rank Potential from Occult Cubes
  • You cannot use Occult Cubes to reroll Unique Potential stats

If Black Cubes are anything like they are in regular MapleStory, they should allow you to lock a stat when rerolling so you don’t completely change up your Potential. But I cannot confirm this for MapleStory M.

What the above essentially equates to is that Occults are best used first. The problem with that is, again, you need 100 Occult Cubes per reroll. You can buy a pack of 99 Occult Cubes in the Gold Leaf Shop, but let’s talk about how you can get them otherwise.

How to get Occult Cubes

You bought the pack and have 99 Occult Cubes, what do you do now? Extraction, baby! The real reason you shouldn’t vendor your dingy Normal rank equipment.

You can get Occult Cubes and Gold Leaves via extraction. You can begin the extraction process via the ‘Extract’ button at the bottom of the Bag.

Extracting Normal-tier equipment is going to be your primary method of Occult Cube acquisition, but do be aware there is no set number you can get from extraction. Like everything else in the game, there’s a random aspect to it.

You can get anywhere from zero to a maximum amount of Occult Cubes and Gold Leaves, but you are never guaranteed a certain amount. Do not get your hopes too high when extracting, but do be aware of its value and the fact you need to do it.

That’s about it for MapleSory M‘s Potential system. It’s fairly straightforward, but as mentioned at the start of this guide: it is a big grind, especially if you can’t get the stats you want. Just roll and reroll again, and be sure to break down those Normals.

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