Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: How to Solve the Elaaden Vault Puzzle

Check this guide to find out how to reset Elaaden's vault and restore the world!

Check this guide to find out how to reset Elaaden's vault and restore the world!

At this point in Mass Effect Andromeda, you know the vault on a planet is the key to restoring it and making it viable for an outpost. Each vault is different though, and there are 3 monoliths you need to solve before you can even step foot into the vault.

I’m going to go over everything you need to know about the monoliths and what to do when you get inside the Elaaden vault.

How to Solve the Elaaden Monolith Puzzles

Thankfully not every monolith has the long, complex sudoku puzzles that Voeld had — but there is at least one. I’m going to list each monolith as North, South, and West, then go over what you need to do at each one. The header image above has each monolith circled, with the direction next to them.

North Monolith

This monolith has 3 glyphs that are easy to find by scanning. The challenge comes after finding all 3 glyphs. Once you go back to the console, you have to do a complex sudoku puzzle, similar to those on Voeld. If you are having trouble, check out the solution pictured below:

mass effect andromeda elaaden vault puzzle

West Monolith

This monolith has 3 glyphs, but thankfully no sudoku puzzle. The puzzle comes from reaching the 3 glyphs. Scanning will reveal where the glyphs are, but you won’t be able to reach them at first. 

You will need to interact with another remnant console nearby — separate from the main one — to raise some platforms. These platforms will allow you to reach the glyphs so you can scan them.

After scanning all 3 glyphs, you can interact with the main console to activate the monolith.

South Monolith

This is very must like the West Monolith in that it does not have a puzzle other than finding the 3 glyphs.

The same concept applies here, but there are 2 different terminals you have to turn out this time. Multiple platforms will raise once you do this, and you will be able to reach the glyphs to scan them. After you have done that, go to the main console to activate the monolith.

Entering the Elaaden Vault

After you’ve activated all 3 monoliths, the vault will appear to the east of the West Monolith and near a Forward Station. I also have it marked on the header image.

When you enter the vault, you will need to activate the console above where you enter. After that you will see 5 consoles in front of the door, with beams coming from some of them.

1st Vault Puzzle

To open the door, you must get the beams to come from all 5 at once. Starting from left to right they are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Whenever you activate a console, it will turn off or turn on certain beams. To solve this puzzle, activate console 5, then console 4. Don’t activate any of the others, and the door will open. 

mass effect andromeda elaaden vault puzzle

Continue through the vault, killing or sneaking past any remnant. Ignore the first console you see — which just makes escaping harder — and go until you get to another room with consoles. 

2nd Vault Puzzle

Drop down to the left first, then activate the console on the platform, which turns all the harmful bubbles into safe bubbles. Go to the farthest right bubble and activate the console to build part of the bridge in the middle.

Now, head back up to the center and activate the 2 consoles to raise the platforms to the right. Jump to each platform and activate the consoles. After that, jump back to the 2 consoles in the center and activate both again. This will cause 4 beams to go to 1 spot, which activates another platform with a console that will open the door ahead.

Now simply go through the door and walk all the way around until you reach another console. This will complete the bridge in the center room so you can reach the purification console.

Bonus Puzzles

If you go to the left side of the room and continue past the plant, you will find many Remnants, as well as a huge one. Defeat them all to gain access to a bonus room.

This room has a Sudoku puzzle — the hardest one I had to complete so far. If you do it, you get skill points and access to the final puzzle. The solution is below:

mass effect andromeda elaaden vault puzzle

You will notice five consoles all around the room and most will have a light block next to them. There is one that does not — activate that console. Continue to activate the consoles that do not have a light next to them until a 6th terminal appears. Activate this to unlock the door so you can escape through this room once the purification process begins. There is also a chest that you can pick up through the door during your escape.

Resetting the Vault

Go back to the center room, follow the bridge to the final console, then activate it. Now all you have to do is run back through the vault towards the room with the 6 consoles and sudoku puzzle, and activate the console to reset the vault.

That’s all for my guide on the Elaaden Vault Puzzle in Mass Effect Andromeda. Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to check back soon for more guides and tips!

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