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Metal Gear Solid Codec Frequencies Guide

There are a few codec frequencies you can call in Metal Gear Solid, including two new ones added with the Integral version.

The Master Collection release has brought renewed interest to the classic Konami stealth action series. In this guide we’ll be listing off the Metal Gear Solid codec frequencies you can use in the first game.

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Metal Gear Solid Codec Frequencies Listed

Being that the version of the game featured in the Master Collection is actually Metal Gear Solid: Integral, there are some key differences between it and the original PlayStation release. In terms of codecs, that means there are two additional Metal Gear Solid codec frequencies. Though they’re not as useful as you might hope.

  • 140.07 calls the developers. This one’s developer commentary, but it’s only in Japanese.
  • 140.15 calls Meryl Silverburgh. This one will be important, but no spoilers here.
  • 140.85 calls Roy Campbell and Naomi Hunter. These two can give tips on different sections of the game, including help with bosses.
  • 140.96 calls Mei Ling. You call Mei Ling to save your game usually, though you might be inclined just to have her drop some wisdom on you.
  • 140.48 is Deep Throat calling you. You can’t call him back, but you’ll want to listen when he calls.
  • 140.66 calls a frequency that contains static, with some hidden music.
  • 141.80 calls Master Miller. When Master Miller isn’t rambling about Alaska, he’s open to giving you combat advice.
  • 141.12 calls Otacon. Otacon’s a fan favorite for good reason, though this nerd doesn’t have much valuable to say other than when you’re at the Metal Gear REX fight.
  • 141.52 calls Natasha Romanenko. She can tell you more about your weapons than anyone else.

The Meryl codec frequency used to only be found on the back of the CD box for the game, and was at one time a big piece of gaming trivia. You might want to give some of these a call after key points in Metal Gear Solid to hear extra lore or get some tips to progress. Look for more Metal Gear Solid guides here on GameSkinny.

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