Metroid Dread: How to Get Bombs Early

Getting Metroid Dread's bombs early unlocks a number of additional paths for you, including an easy way to take on a certain boss.

Getting Metroid Dread's bombs early unlocks a number of additional paths for you, including an easy way to take on a certain boss.

If you get bombs early in Metroid Dread, you can unlock several areas far sooner than normal as well as get an extra edge in Dread’s major boss fight against Kraid. Sequence breaking to get bombs early takes a fair bit of extra effort, so stockpile your patience if you’re determined to do it.

How to Get Bombs Early in Metroid Dread

Get the Grapple Beam Early

Your first step on your journey to get bombs early is obtaining the grapple beam, which you can do as soon as you get the Varia Suit.

Head to Dairon’s total recharge station, exit to the left, and shoot the floor as shown. Descend, then make your way into the lava zone. Your goal is the Artaria elevator at the far right end, but it takes some work.

The first few puzzles are simple block shooting ones, but the big hurdle comes in the large chamber. You’ll need to slide under the ledge, then immediately jump and grab onto the ledge.

At the other end of the pathway is another slide obstacle where you do essentially the same thing. It may take several tries before you get it down.

The Artaria elevator leaves you near the region’s upper save room. Ignore the save room, drop down, and keep heading right until you get the grapple beam. Now it’s back to Dairon.

Get the Morph Ball Bombs in Dairon

All this was to get rid of the grapple block in Dairon’s E.M.M.I. Zone preventing you from leaving the upper left area.

Exit the lava area to the left, and you’ll eventually arrive in a save room. Save if need be, then enter the E.M.M.I. Zone. The Dairon E.M.M.I. doesn’t have any special tricks, but you might need to enter and exit a few times. This Zone is spacious and it takes some getting used to.

Once you exit the upper left door, follow the path up until you reach the map room.

You’ll have to enter the cold zone briefly to access the dynamo, so exit the map room to the left and quickly run down to the door. Activate the generator, then leave to the right, and make your way up to the bomb room.

With Morph Bombs in hand, so to speak, travel back to Cataris for the Kraid fight. The early bombs make this battle significantly easier.

Once Kraid breaks the platform and you drop down, use a bomb on the wall to reveal a Morph Ball launcher. It rockets you into Kraid’s belly, and assuming you don’t vomit on your Switch after that, you can use bombs to bring the monster down faster.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Metroid Dread Morph Ball Bombs early, but make sure to check out our other Metroid Dread guides for more tips.

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