Minecraft Dungeons Armor Enchantment Guide

What each armor enchantment does in Minecraft Dungeons. Get your build on!

What each armor enchantment does in Minecraft Dungeons. Get your build on!

While melee and ranged weapons’ enchantments are different in Minecraft Dungeons, you may be happy to know that all armor shares the same pool of enchantments for you to work with so things don’t get too complicated.

You will be granted an enchantment point to spend on enchantments on your weapons or armor each time you level up, allowing you to feel even more powerful with each level advancement.

Each enchantment can be upgraded for increasingly potent effects, up to a third, particularly powerful tier.

A single piece of equipment can have the same enchantment on it twice, or you can have multiple items with the same enchantment. In these situations, the bonuses will stack. Useful!

This guide goes over just armor enchantments. Be sure to check out our similar guide covering weapon enchantments, as well as our Minecraft Dungeons artifacts guide going over artifact effects and locations.

How to Return Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons

You may not be able to undo enchantments placed on gear, but you can salvage the equipment to return the Enchantment Points you spent on them.

Once you switch to a new piece of equipment, salvage your old equipment to get your Enchantment Points back and spend them on your new gear. This means you should be salvaging anything you’ve invested points into and are not using anymore.

All you have to do to salvage your gear and get your Enchantment Points back is:

  1. Select the item that you’re done with in your inventory
  2. Click/Select the big ‘Salvage’ button in the gear info window

Salvaging does destroy the item in question, so be careful you don’t salvage something you still need.

Minecraft Dungeons Armor Enchantments

As with weapon enchantments, armor ones can be invested in up to three times to reach their maximum potential.

In the table below, all three levels’ values are shown for easy planning. The level values are underlined in each instance.

Enchantments that are considered Powerful-tier rather than Common are italicized to help them stand out from the others.

Enchantment Effect
Burning Every 0.5 seconds deals some/more/lots of damage to all enemies in melee range.
Chilling Emits a blast every two seconds that reduces the movement and attack speed of nearby enemies by -20%/40%/60% for one second.
Cool Down Reduces the cooldown time between uses of your artifacts by -10%/19%/27%.
Cowardice When you are at full HP, you have +20%/30%/40% increased melee damage and range.
Deflect Grants a 20%/40%/60% chance to deflect incoming attacks.
Electrified Rolling zaps nearby enemies with lightning bolts, dealing some/more/lots of damage.
Explorer For every one hundred blocks explored on the map, you regain 0.3%/0.7%/1.0% health.
Final Shout When your health drops below 25%, all your artifacts are used (ignoring cooldown periods) up to every 12th/10th/8th second.
Fire Trail Rolling creates a trail of fire behind you, which deals some/more/lots of damage to mobs for four seconds.
Food Reserves Whenever you use a healing potion, you also create 1/2/3 random food item(s).
Frenzied While you’re at less than half health, you get +10%/20%/30% increased melee and ranged speed.
Gravity Pulse A blast occurs every five seconds that pulls nearby enemies toward you, with range scaling 100%/150%/200%.
Health Synergy When activating any artifact, you regain 3%/4%/5% of your health.
Potion Barrier Whenever you use a healing portion, you take -90% damage for 5 seconds/7 seconds/9 seconds.
Protection Reduces damage taken by -6%/11%/15%.
Recycler Being hit by damage-inflicting projectiles will craft a small quiver of arrows every 30th/20th/10th projectile.
Snowball Fires a snowball at a nearby enemy every 5/3/1 second(s), briefly stunning it.
Soul Speed When you gather a soup, you gain a 1% stacking movement speed boost for 2 seconds/3 seconds/4 seconds.
Speed Synergy When activating any artifact, you gain +20% movement speed for 1 second/2 seconds/3 second.
Surprise Gift Whenever you use a healing potion, you create random consumables at a 50%/100%/150% chance to trigger.
Swiftfooted Rolling makes you move +30%/40%/50% faster for three seconds.
Thorns Whenever you take damage, you deal 100%/150%/200% back to the attacker.


That’s it for our Minecraft Dungeons armor enchantment guide. Check out our other Minecraft Dungeons guides for more tips and tricks! 

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