Minecraft tips on improving the spelunking experience and getting the best resources along the way.

Minecraft Tips and Tricks: How to get the best out of your spelunking

Minecraft tips on improving the spelunking experience and getting the best resources along the way.

When playing Minecraft, you might notice that 70% of the game is digging underground for gems like iron, gold, and diamond; but there’s a secret art to getting the best out of your adventure while keeping it fresh.

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Mining can become a daunting task in a game that requires it for progression (outside of creative mode), but there are some great features you can take advantage of so it becomes a magical adventure of discovery while you gain incredible resources for your above-ground ambitions.

Tips and Tricks for Spelunking

Always carry a water bucket.

When finding the hissing lava down at the diamond level, a water bucket can prevent diamonds from falling to their doom, while also protecting your character. Water buckets are essential to mining diamonds and obsidian so you can stay alive and get your sources.

Use a minimap mod (like Rei’s) for marking locations when needed.

If you happen to be mining so much that your inventory gets full or your pickaxe breaks, it’s handy to have a Rei’s Minimap mod to mark the location of diamonds or abandoned mine shafts for later use. The mod not only keeps track of the location, but also the level that you’re at. Even adding a title for the location like “Mine shaft” is an option.

Keep in mind though, all hostile mobs will show on the map unless you remove that ability; which is easily done. 









Keep a well-supplied source of torches.

Mining can become a labyrinth of passageways, but by marking your place with torches you can see where you’ve been and where to go. Torches are also a good source of lighting if you keep your settings on moody, that gives a full immersion into the game.

An anvil could never hurt.

If you’re mining a ton of diamonds, you can easily repair them with an anvil and the gem source, making an anvil a great asset. It only takes up one slot in your inventory, and it could save you a second trip for sources down underground.

Get yourself psyched up for the trip.

To spark up your mining trip, turn up your volume and get into the game. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the environment of Mineraft spelunking – which will lead to hostile attacks from skeletons and zombies. Also the spooky abandoned mineshaft sounds can get you into the mining mood, making it just a bit more of an adventure.

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